Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Interracial Caption Series - A Family Affair

A couple of weeks ago, Elena Starz ( who runs Starz Interracial Captions) sent me an email asking if I'd like to participate in collaborative effort with multiple captioners in which we would create a sequel to The Pageant (a series of interracial captions depicting a very naughty pageant for white sissies).  While putting together the ideas behind that series, I decided to create a prequel series which would provide some backstory about the world, characters, etc.  I already had a likely set of photos (that were already modified), so a good portion of the work was already done.  As I threw myself into the writing process, though, it sort of got away from me, and I ended up writing a LOT more than I originally intended.  What was supposed to be a quick 10-frame caption story quickly ballooned into 40+ frames (and that's after I pared it down a bit!).

Anyway, that's how this particular story came about.  I know that interracial captions aren't necessarily everyone's theme, so be forewarned that that's what this is.  So without further explanation, here it is:

A Family Affair

Hopefully, we can get The Pageant, Vol. 2 up and running fairly quickly.  It's still in the early planning stages, but it's shaping up to a very fun set of stories.