Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Results

The results of the poll are in, and I'd like to thank each of you who voted.  Your feedback is most appreciated.  I'm sure some of you noticed that I put the poll on both of my blogs, and a lot of you probably even voted in both.  However, for the sake of expedience, I've combined the results.

25 people said that my stories are "Professional."  It came in second place (by one vote).  I was a bit surprised by this result (pleasantly) as I would have classified my writing as either "Good Amateur" or "Almost Professional."  That so many of you think so highly of my work is quite flattering. 

26 people said that my stories are "Almost Professional," making it the winner.  Again, this tells me that my writing has come a long way, and that I'm on the cusp of putting out some really good material.

12 people would classify my work as "Good Amateur," putting it in a distant third place.  Personally, this is where I would put my work.  I don't really spend any time editing or trying to polish any of it, so it lacks that little extra "oomph" to put it over the top.  However, I do believe that, with a little editing, many of my stories could be placed a notch or two higher.

Only 3 people classified my work as "Average."  This made it the second to last place finisher, and that's not altogether displeasing to me.  Call my stuff good or bad, but as long as you feel something for it (either negative or positive), I'm much happier than if you just forgot it altogether.

8 people classified my work as "Below Average."  That number was a little higher than I expected, but oh well.  If any of you who voted that way could tell me what you think makes it below average, I will do everything I can to improve it.  Either way, I thank you for your honesty.

And the stat I love most -- 0 people classified my work as "Bad."  That, readers, is music to my ears. 

Again, I'd like to thank you all for your votes, your honesty, and, most of all, for even reading these blogs.  I'll keep writing (sometimes more slowly than some would like) and captioning so long as people keep visiting my sites.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Nikki J,

    in your stories, you provide a very intense plot. The characters are not just random and without knowing where they will go, but there is lot of determination and spirit into them.

    This is what from my perspective is seperating a good author from a bad one. A good and life-like plot and appropriate characters to it, without being superficial, but with hidden meanings. And of course a colorful language with it.

    i would never be able to design such stories that you write, just due a lack of fantasy that would be needed to design such scenarios.

    Therefore, i have both to congratulate and be thankful for such fantastic work. It inspires me a lot. And i very much hope that you will keep up to produce such fantastic stories.

    Most horny regards,
    Roland alias Keuschling, online-boy of Master Chirenon