Friday, September 30, 2011

Complete Control

As I'm sure you all have noticed, I have a bit of a thing for hypnosis.  I know that such things require a suspension of disbelief, but I like the idea of a man "waking up" to find that his life and body have completely changed.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the caption.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just a Joke

I wrote this story as a bit of an experiment; I wanted to write something that was more "traditional" tg erotica, and so, I settled on the tried and true Halloween situation for my catalyst. However, that wasn't deep enough for the story, so I went with a little extra motivation in the form of the impending loss of a law school scholarship.

Is this story perfect? Far from it. But I do think that I made a few strides in terms of storytelling in this genre when I wrote this. Be warned, though, that if you're sensitive to homophobia, don't read it; the initial "joke" is quite insensitive and perpetuates a completely false (but widely held by bigots and homophobes) stereotype.

That said, it's just a silly little piece of erotica. I hope you all enjoy it.

Just a Joke

by Nikki J

It all started as a just a simple joke; a gag for Halloween between Zack
and Todd.  They were both seniors in college, both pre-law, and had been
roommates for two years.  Other than that, the two couldn't have been
more different.

Zack was tall and strong; he had once been a scholarship football player
before he had completely ruined his knee.  Weighing in at two-hundred and
twenty pounds, and standing at six foot two, he had not lost much of his
athletic physique (though he had played a little heavier).   Couple that
with his strong jaw and rugged feathers, and he was a magnet for women.
He rarely slept alone.

Todd, on the other hand, was short and slight of build.  He told people
he was five foot eight, but in reality, he was closer to five foot six.
He weighed a scant one-hundred and thirty pounds.  The difference didn't
end with size, though.  Todd had a sort of round face with soft features
which attracted women, sure, but he always felt a little jealous and
inadequate next to Zack.

Zack had once offered to help Todd get in better shape, to teach him how
to lift weights, and pack on some muscle.  Todd had even gone along with
it, but it was soon clear that the gym was not the place for him.  He
disliked the physicality of it all; the caveman nature of shoving heavy
weights around just felt wrong, even as he did it.  So that was that.
Todd's ill-defined muscles would stay as they were.

Ah, but back to the story.  It was a few days before Halloween, and
neither had decided on a costume.  Todd sat at the bar, sipping a coffee
while Zack dug into a bowl of cereal.

"I was thinkin' about going as Indiana Jones; I already have an old
leather coat, and I can borrow my Dad's fedora," Zack said.  "But I don't

"Yeah.  Seems a little weak, doesn't it?"  Todd reasoned.  "I was just
going to do what I did last year."

"Batman?" Zack asked.

"Yeah," Todd said.  "I already have the costume, and people seemed to
like it last year."

"You can't go as the same thing, man," Zack said.  "No, we need something

Todd shrugged, and said, "Let me know when you come up with a brilliant
idea.  In the meantime, I have to go study for that exam."

"Sociology?"  Zack asked.  Todd nodded.  "Why are you even taking that
class?  You don't need another elective."

Todd shrugged.  "I don't know.  Interesting, I guess.  But that end-of-
term research project is going to kick my ass.  I still don't even know
what I'm going to do it on, and we have to turn in our ideas for approval
by next week."

"You'll think of something," Zack said, clicking the remote, and turning
on ESPN.

Todd strode over to his desk, opened his sociology notes, and began to
study.  A few minutes later, Zack said out of nowhere, "I've got it!"

Surprised, Todd looked up, and said, "Huh?"
"I know what we can do for costumes this year," Zack said, smiling.  "And
it's going to blow everyone at the party away.  It'll be freaking

Todd noticed the self-satisfied look that Zack always wore when he felt
like he had a wonderful idea, so he bit, "What's the idea, then?"

"We can go as a couple of gay guys," Zack said, smiling from ear to ear.

"Sounds kind of, um, gay," Todd stated after a moment.  "I mean, how do
you go as a gay guy?  They're just like everyone else."

"No, I'm not talking gay like Phil," Zack said.  Phil was one of their
long-time drinking buddies who happened to be homosexual.  "I'm saying
like full on, flaming gay.  You know, go with the stereotype."

"Sounds a little offensive," Todd said.

"It's a joke, man," Zack stated.  "Nobody will care.  I know I would."

"I don't know..." Todd trailed off.  He knew he wasn't going to win that
argument.  Once Zack got it in his head to do something, he was going to
do it.  And more often than not, Todd would go along with it.    Better
to go through the motions at least, in case it all blew up in their
faces.  Then, Todd could say that he knew it was going to happen all
along.  So, they argued for a few minutes before Todd gave in.

"So, of what would these costumes consist?" Todd asked.

"Well, you're definitely the bottom, and I'm the top," Zack answered.
"So --"

"What do you mean?  Why do I have to be the bottom?" Todd asked

"Seriously?" Zack said.  "Is that a real question? Or are you just --"

"Whatever," Todd said.  "I guess I'm the bottom then, like it matters."

"Well, it means you're going to have a different costume, so people
know," Zack stated.  "Give me a few minutes to figure it out."

So Todd went back to studying.  After a couple of minutes, Zack said,
"I'll be back in a few," and left.

Todd was still studying about an hour later, when Zack returned, carrying
a garbage bag.  He tossed the bag at Todd, who caught it.  It was plainly
filled with clothes.

"What's this?" Todd asked.

"Your costume," Zack replied.  "And Tammy's going to come over before the
party and help you get ready."  Todd was afraid to look, but he opened
the bag, and looked inside, seeing a bundle of clothes. He reached
inside, felt denim, and retracted his hand.

It was a pair of jeans - women's jeans - the kind that ride really low on
their hips.  With an annoyed sigh, he set them on his lap.  He reached
back inside, and pulled out a pink shirt that said "Slut" on it.
"Really?"  he asked.

"It has to be over the top, man," Zack responded.

Shaking his head, Todd reached in, and pulled out a rhinestone-encrusted
belt.  Next came a pair of pink tennis shoes.

"People aren't going to be laughing with me on this one; they're
definitely going to be laughing at me," Todd said.  "I mean, I thought I
was supposed to be going as a gay guy, not a chick."

Zack shrugged, "That's how they dress, right?  Either way, people will
get the idea.  It doesn't have to be accurate gay, just feminine enough
that people know what you're going for."

"And where's your costume?" Todd asked.

"You'll see," Zack answered.


The two days passed quickly, and Halloween was upon them.  Todd went to
class that day, just like any other, but he couldn't help being nervous
about the upcoming party.  Zack had assured him that everything would be
fine, but Todd was still dubious.  But he had agreed to do it, and he
wasn't going to back out now, and face ridicule.  Besides, he thought,
I'm secure enough in my sexuality that I can do this.

He came home after class, and found Tammy waiting for him.  She was
Zack's sister, and man, was she gorgeous.  She had blonde hair which fell
down to the middle of her back, a smoking hot body, and a pair of tits
that stood up and said, "Hey there!"  Todd had always had a bit of a
crush on her, but out of respect for his best friend, he hadn't made a
move.  She liked the jock type, anyway, so Todd knew that he didn't stand
much a chance.

She was sitting on the couch, watching television when Todd walked in.
"About time," she said.  "I was beginning to think that you might have
chickened out."

"Nah, just had to talk to my professor after class," Todd lied.  He had
delayed his return to home by a little while on purpose, half hoping that
Tammy would get bored and leave.  But she seemed absolutely giddy about
the prospect.

"Well, it's going to take a while to get  you ready," Tammy said.  "So
let's get to it."  She reached into her bag, and pulled out a tube of
some sort.  Then, she tossed it to him.  "Go take a shower, and use

Todd looked at the bottle, and saw that it was a hair removal, "Do I have
to?  I'm --"

"Of course you have to," she said.  "It's part of the costume, silly."

Todd knew he had as little chance of winning an argument with Tammy as he
did with her brother.  He ducked into the bathroom, stripped down, and
read the directions for the hair removal cream. He followed them, then
took a shower.  When he was done, he saw that the cream had done its job
well - he was completely smooth from neck to toe.  He wrapped a towel
around his waste, and left the bathroom.  Tammy was waiting just outside.

"Let's see, then," she said.  When Todd hesitated, she said, "Oh come on,
I've seen it all before, and I know you've been naked around a woman.  So
just take that towel off."

Was she flirting with him?  Todd wasn't sure, but he wasn't going to
hesitate and blow his chance.  He took off the towel.

"Oh that's so cute!  You even did your pubes!"  she said, smiling.  Todd
shrugged, and blushed.  Not exactly the reaction he had been hoping for.
"Well, let's get to it.  We've got a lot to do and not a lot of time to
do it in."

She reached into her bag, and pulled something out. She tossed it to
Todd, saying, "Put these on.  And don't worry; they're for boys."

Todd caught the garment, and soon saw why she had added  that last part.
They certainly didn't look like boys' underwear.  They were pink (there
seemed to be a theme there - pink shoes, pink shirt, and pink underwear),
and had a thong back.  He just decided to go with it.  Todd knew that
argument was pointless; he wasn't really that type of person, and he did
think the whole thing would be funny.

So he stepped into the thong, and pulled it up his smooth legs.   Todd
had a bit of a round butt, he knew.  He had had a few girlfriends who
absolutely loved it, and they certainly liked talking about what they
called his "girl butt."  He knew it looked even more girlish with a pink
thong wedged between its cheeks.

"Fabulous," Tammy said.  "Now sit over here, and we'll do your makeup and
hair." She indicated one of the chairs at the table. Todd obeyed.

She started with his hair.  He didn't know what she was doing, but Todd
felt Tammy's hands massaging his scalp, and he saw shiny bits of aluminum
as she toyed with his hair.  After about thirty minutes, she said, "Now,
we just let that set while we do your face."

Todd hardly said a word as he let Tammy do her thing.  He did wince when
she plucked his eyebrows, though.  She rubbed some foul smelling cream on
his face, and then, she said, "And now we wait!"

And so they did.  They chatted about school (Tammy was in beauty school,
and had ambitions to be a makeup artist in the Hollywood) and life in
general as they waited - on what, Todd had no idea.  After about thirty
minutes, Tammy started scrubbing the cream off of Todd's face.  It stung
a little, but he didn't mind (he was getting a great view of Tammy's
cleavage as she leaned over him).  Then, she opened up her makeup case,
and went to work.

"You have such a great complexion, Todd," she said.  "What I wouldn't
give..." she trailed off.

After a few minutes, she had finished the makeup, and was fooling with
his hair again.  She tossed his pink shirt to him, and said, "Put that
on, and then I'll style your hair."

Todd looked at the shirt; it was tiny.  Shrugging, he pulled it over his
head.  It didn't even come down to his belly-button.  He really started
feeling nervous after that, but he said nothing as Tammy finished his

"And you're beautiful!" she said, smiling.  "Wait, I have one last touch,
then you can put your pants on.  Stand up, and turn around."

Todd did, and he felt Tammy doing something to his lower back.
"Perfect."  She handed him his pants.

As he stepped into them, and pulled them over his round butt, he knew why
Tammy had given him the skimpy underwear - there was no way the tight
jeans would have fit over his regular underwear.  They rode so low that,
if he bent the wrong way, he knew people would see the crack of his butt.
He slipped on a pair of ankle socks, and then his pink tennis shoes.

"All right, let's see it," he said, and Tammy took his hand in hers, and
guided him to Zack's room (where there was a full length mirror).

To say that Todd was stunned by what he saw would be an understatement.
Tammy had done an absolutely remarkable job.  It wasn't any one thing
that really stood out; it was the combination of everything.

Todd's shaggy hair was now an artfully disheveled mass of brown hair
streaked with blonde.  His eyebrows were slightly arched, and his face
was completely hair free.  He reached up, and ran his hand over his jaw;
there wasn't even stubble there.  She had gone very subtle with the
makeup; just a slightly pinker shade for his lips, and a touch of

And then there was the outfit.  He had imagined that he would look silly
in the girls' clothes, but he had to admit that he looked kind of sexy.
It was clear that he wasn't a woman, but that was mostly due to his
obvious lack of breasts and narrow hips.  The effect was that he looked
like a very feminine boy - not a man, a boy.

He turned, curious to see what Tammy had done to his back, and he saw a
tattooed (fake) pink butterfly.  He smiled and said, "Nice touch."


Zack arrived back at the house about an hour later, and he was ready to
go about thirty minutes after that.  He had chosen a pair of leather
pants, a tight mesh shirt which showed off his muscular torso, and had
even frosted the tips of his hair.

He couldn't contain his smile as he and Todd stood side by side in front
of the mirror.

"This is going to be hilarious," he said.

As it turned out, it was.  They knew everyone at the party, so it was
clearly a joke on their part.  But everyone thought it was a brilliant
costume, and both Todd and Zack enjoyed a bevy of compliments on their

The night wore on, and they all got a little drunk.  Todd started acting
his part, and found himself fake flirting with his friends.  He had to
admit, it was fun.  He knew that his outfit (and his general appearance)
had an effect on a few of them, and he kind of enjoyed the attention.
The night wore on, and soon, he and Zack went home, secure in the
knowledge that their costumes had been a hit.


The next day, Todd was slightly regretting letting Tammy pluck his
eyebrows and dye his hair.  He could change clothes, he could wash the
makeup off, but he'd have to wait for those changes to revert to normal.

As he showered that day, he noticed that his body hair still hadn't grown
back; neither had his facial hair.  He shrugged, and acknowledged his
luck.  Todd hated having to shave everyday anyway.  As to the body hair,
he hardly missed it.  Lots of guys shaved nowadays, he thought.

A few more days passed, and still Todd's body and facial hair was
missing.  He called Tammy, and she told him that he probably wouldn't
grow any for another year or two; she had used a new hair removal cream
on his face and body.  It was designed to eliminate the need for shaving.
Todd, being the easy-going guy he was, just accepted it.  What use was it
to get mad?  It was already done.

One morning, Todd and Zack were talking about their various school
assignments when Todd said, "I still don't know what I'm going to do
about this sociology experiment.  My first idea was shot down because it
lacked creativity - the professor's words, not mine.  And that thing's
worth half my grade."

"You don't have any ideas?"  Zack asked.

"No.  My mind is absolutely blank," Todd answered.

"Just drop the class," Zack suggested.

"Drop date passed a week ago, so that's out of the question," Todd
replied.  "No.  It's either do this research project, and make a decent
grade, or I fail, and my GPA drops."

"Can't have that," Zack stated.  After a few moments he said, "I have an
idea, but you're not going to like it."

"I'm all ears," Todd said.

"You could do it on the sociological impact of a person transitioning
from one gender to another," Zack said.

"You come up with that just now?  A lot of big words there," Todd said.

"Yep.  Big words and all," Zack replied.

"But it has to have a practical portion to the project. I can't just do
research and hand in an essay," Todd said.

"Then transition," Zack said.  "I mean, not all the way.  But," Todd was
already laughing.  "Hear me out.  You could just start living like a
girl, and like as not, your teacher will give you a decent grade based on
your situation.  Add a decent account of what you're doing, and you're
guaranteed an A."

"So you want me to act like a girl for three months, and write a report
about it?" Todd said.  "You're insane."

"Maybe," Zack said.  "But you could pull it off if anyone could.  You
certainly looked enough like a girl before, and that was just with a
couple of hours worth of makeup from Tammy.  Besides, don't you lose your
scholarship offer for law school if your GPA dips?"

"Yeah.  Why do you think I'm stressing here?"  Todd said, a little louder
than he anticipated.  "I'm not rich like you.  My parents didn't leave me
a bunch of money when --"

"I didn't ask for my parents to die," Zack interrupted, his voice soft.

"I'm sorry," Todd said, realizing how callous it must have sounded.
"It's just that I'm under a lot of pressure, here."

"Just trying to help," Zack stated, shrugging.

"I know," Todd said.

By the next day, Todd was desperate for an idea.  His mind was completely
blank, however.  He had until five that evening to give the professor his
idea, but he had nothing.

He didn't even know when he walked into the teacher's office what he was
going to say.

"Hello, Todd," the teacher said.  "What do you have for me?"

And he blurted it out.  The idea had been planted, and he was backed
against a wall.  "I want to explore the sociological impact of a person
transitioning from one gender to another.  I want to look at how people
react differently to that person, the psychological effects on that
person, and, mostly, how they cope with society's changing view of their

"Hmm," the professor said.  "Interesting.  I assume you have a subject in

"Yeah," Todd said.  "Me."

The rest of the conversation was a bit awkward.  How does one react to
something like that? Especially when it's someone who is almost a


"I need your help," Todd said.  "I can't do this by myself."

He had come straight home after his meeting with the professor, and told
Zack what he had done.  Zack, for his part, was supportive.  He hadn't
gloated about Todd using his idea, or anything.

"What do you need?" Zack said.

"I don't really know.  I have no idea what I'm doing," Todd admitted.  "I
don't know if all I need to do is just dress like a girl.  I mean, I know
I have to be convincing, but --"

"No, you're going to have to go further than that," Zack said.  "You're
going to have to be a girl.  Not just act like one."

"What do you mean?" Todd asked.

"There's a lot to it, but they walk differently, their posture is far
different than any man's, and they're just altogether different," Zack
explained.  "But you're not going to be successful unless you completely

"I'm prepared for that," Todd responded, and he was.  So long as he could
go back after the project, he didn't care.  All that mattered was keeping
his scholarship offer.  "What do you have in mind?"

"There's hormones.  That should probably be your first step," Zack
explained.  "Then there's your wardrobe, learning how to act like a girl
- Tammy can help, I'm sure - and you're probably going to have to date
men, if any will have you."

It was more complicated than Todd had thought about, but he had decided
to do it, and to do it right.  Half measures just wouldn't cut it; he
couldn't take a chance like that.

"Let's do it, then," Todd said.


It was a few weeks later when Todd noticed that his body was changing.
He had seen a psychologist, and successfully convinced that psychologist
that he was a woman living in a man's body.  The doctor prescribed some
pills (hormones called estrogen and progesterone) which would alter his
body as he waited the year to get SRS.

Todd had kept a low-profile since then, attending his classes in
decidedly unisex clothing.  But he made a point to wear something
feminine each time  he went to his sociology class; he didn't want his
professor to get the wrong idea (the wrong idea being that he was lying
about the whole thing).

In retrospect, Todd knew that he had gone along with the "experiment" a
little too easily, but at the time, he was desperate.  Thoughts of
failure, of ending up with a useless degree, unable to afford law school,
and working at some retail store for the rest of his life (like his
father had done) filled his head.  He didn't want to go down that road.
And damned if he was going to let one class stand in his way.  Besides,
he had kind of liked the reaction he had gotten when he had dressed up at
Halloween.  It had been different, yes.  People knew it was a joke, but
he also knew that he looked far more feminine than any man should.

He had wondered (mostly when he was younger, and the other boys had
outstripped him in size and muscle mass) what his life would be like had
he been born a girl.  It wasn't really that he wanted to be one, or
anything.  He just knew that things would have been easier; his body type
was far more suited for femininity than masculinity.

All of that coalesced into his seemingly too easy agreement.  Todd knew
that he had no one to answer to, but he had to rationalize it to himself.

Regardless, he stood in front of the mirror almost three weeks after he
had started taking the hormones, and he noticed that his nipples had
gotten slightly puffy.  It wasn't really a big change, but Todd noticed
it.  It had begun.

Over the next couple of months, he took copious notes about his progress,
noting that his breasts had continued to grow, his nipples had enlarged
and darkened, and his body's fat had become more feminized (collecting at
the hips, thighs, and rear).  In addition, his testicles shrank to a mere
fraction of their previous size.  He couldn't be sure, but he thought his
penis had gotten smaller as well.

In those first couple of months, Tammy was invaluable.  She taught him
how to comport himself as a female, and he was a fast study.  Todd had
been raised primarily by his mother (his father had left when he was
quite young), and he had only had sisters with which to play.  The result
was that his movements and mannerisms were slightly feminine already.
Tammy helped him to exaggerate that to the point where his comportment
was unmistakeably feminine.  She helped him learn to walk, talk, sit, and
gesture like a typical woman.  She even helped him practice his feminine

So, it wasn't long before Todd felt comfortable leaving the house in
women's clothes.  They were just jeans, tee-shirts, and other casual
clothes at first.  He wasn't quite to the point where he'd be willing to
dress in a skirt (though he had bought a couple when Tammy had taken him

Todd had decided to keep up the act with his friends; he was never one to
go about things halfway.  For the most part, they all seemed supportive,
though some of his male friends became more distant.  It was only to be
expected.  He noted it in the journal he was keeping for his class.

The biggest change that Todd faced was how strangers reacted to him.  At
first, the treated him strangely, like some sort of feminine boy.
Obviously, they thought he was gay.  Our country has come a long way in
terms of discrimination, but an openly gay, effeminate man still faces a
different treatment than anyone else.  It is the last true bastion of old
fashioned American discrimination.

As Todd continued his transition, though, he found that he began to feel
more accepted.  And then he realized why.  People thought he was female.
Looking in the mirror a few months after he started the transition, he
could see why.  His breasts had come in, and sat at a perky A-cup.  Not
big, by any stretch, but noticeable.  His hips were a little wider, and
his already round rear end had evolved into what was unmistakable as a
female butt.

That first semester ended (the class was one spanning the entire year),
and they were released for the Christmas holiday.  Neither Todd nor Zack
had anything planned (Todd's family lived across the country, and Zack's
parents were dead), so they resolve to spend the holiday together.

It was a little awkward, Todd had to admit.  Neither Zack nor Todd spent
that much time at the apartment usually; their schedules had ramped up,
and both spent quite a bit of time on school work on the rare occasion
when they were there.  But over the holidays, neither had a schedule to
keep.  Nor did they have to go to class.  So, they found themselves in
each others' company, more often than not.

That presented a bit of a quandary for Todd.  Comfort versus modesty.  He
usually just wore a pair of shorts (Tammy had given him a few pairs of
her old cheerleading shorts) and a tank top.  Todd knew that it was
perfectly acceptable home attire for a girl, but he also knew that the
shorts made his butt look fantastic, and unless he wore a bra (which he
usually didn't), the tank tops left little to the imagination.  So, he
could dress normally, and run the risk of appearing to Zack like he
wanted to show off his new body, or dress in something less revealing.
He chose the former.  To hell with what Zack might think.

So, throughout the holiday, Todd dressed comfortably (and sexily, as it
happened), and Zack made no mention.  Todd did notice that his friend
wasn't above checking out his ass, though.  Oddly, that made him smile.

Christmas passed, and so came a new year.  Todd's body continued to
change as the weeks passed.  By mid-February, Todd's breasts had leveled
out at a very perky B-Cup, and his hips had continued to widen.

Todd's New Year's resolution was to get in shape, so he bought an
exercise DVD, and started using it daily.  It was some sort of aerobics
program, and he had to admit, it was quite fun.  By March, he had lost
almost fifteen pounds (weighing in at one-hundred and fifteen pounds).
He knew that had his breasts not been growing (they were C-cups, now), he
would have been closer to one-hundred and ten.

Over those few months, Todd dropped any idea of gender ambiguity, and
embraced the feminine.  He started dressing like any other college girl,
and quickly found that he attracted quite a bit of male attention.  He
was caught a little off-guard when he was hit on by his first guy.  Todd
didn't even remember his name, and stumbled through what he hoped was a
polite refusal.  As the guy walked away disappointed, Todd realized that
he hadn't even realized that he wasn't a girl.  He had passed completely.

That day, he looked in the mirror, and saw why.  He was pretty.  No, not
just pretty.  He was somewhere between pretty and beautiful.  And his
body looked like it was all woman.  He stripped off his clothes, and
realized that the transition was complete.

He did have the body of a woman (except for his shrunken genitals).  His
hips were curvy, his waist was narrow, and his breasts were full.  There
was no trace of masculinity.

Todd was posing in front (like some sort of fashion model) of the mirror
when he heard, "Oh.  Sorry."  He quickly turned, his arm covering his
breast, and his other hand over his genitals.  There stood Zack in the
doorway, blatantly staring at his friend.

"Look away!"  Todd screamed.  Even his voice had raised in pitch a
little.  It was still deeper than most women's, but he had become so used
to using his "girl voice" that he did it automatically.

"You're in my room," Zack smiled.  He was having too much fun.

"Just turn around, okay?"  Todd pleaded.

"Oh, okay," Zack conceded, and turned around.  Todd was so embarrassed as
he slipped his clothes back on.  He squeezed past Zack as he left the
room, and then felt a playful smack on his bottom.  "Lookin' good there,
champ," Zack said.  Todd hurried to his room, shut the door, and flung
himself on his bed, mortified.

Todd had seen the look in Zack's eye. He had seen it hundreds of times
before when Zack was admiring a pretty girl.  Todd knew what it meant.
Zack wanted him.  He knew what Todd was, but he wanted him.

A few minutes later, there was a knock at Todd's door.

"Come in," Todd said, and the door opened, admitting Zack.

"Look," Zack said. "I'm sorry.  I was just having a little fun with you."

"I know," Todd said.  "It's no big deal."

"Yeah, but, well," Zack hesitated.  He never hesitated.  That wasn't him.
He said what he wanted to say, and to hell with the consequences. "Here's
the thing, Todd - you should maybe think of something better to call
yourself now, by the way..."  Todd could tell that Zack was stalling.
"We're friends, right?"

"Sure," Todd said.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're a beautiful girl," Zack
stated.  "And, well, not that there was anything wrong with you before,
but, well, I happen to like the new you."

Todd didn't know what to say.  Zack continued, "You haven't noticed that
I've been gone a lot more lately?  I've been avoiding you.  Not because I
don't like you or anything like that; it's the opposite actually.  We've
been best friends for a while now - since freshman year, I guess.  We've
been roommates for two years.  Now you're a woman, and it seems

"I'm not staying like this, Zack," Todd blurted.

"Are you sure?  I've been watching you, probably a lot more than you
know," Zack said.  "Not in a creepy way, or anything.  It's just that
when you're around, I can't not look at you.  But I've been watching you,
and I've seen that you're more comfortable like you are now than you ever
were as a man.  More, you enjoy it when men look at you."

"I --"

"I'm just throwing it out there now before it's too late.  I like you
like that," Zack said.  And then he was gone, leaving Todd with quite a
lot to think about.

Was it true?  Was he more comfortable as a woman than as a man?  He had
to admit that he had transitioned quite easily, but did that mean that he
should stay as a woman?  His mind strayed to his best friend.  It was
easy to bring his handsome face to mind.

Admittedly, thoughts about other men had strayed through his mind many
times in the past.  But he had always felt that they were just the
acknowledgment that the men were handsome or had good bodies.  He hadn't
considered the fact that they were deep-seated sexual thoughts buried
under decades of influence from society's interpretation of what
constitutes normality.  He examined his thoughts; was he attracted to
men?  If so, did that make him gay?  Or was he meant to be a woman?  In
which case, was he straight?  Confusion clouded his muddled mind.

Almost an hour later, Todd made a decision.  He might be better off as a
woman.  But then again, he needed to know what the future held if that
was the case.  He knew that he could see the sexiness of a man.  But he
could also see the same in women.  So which did he prefer?  He needed a
comparison.  And he had a willing partner.

So, Todd left the house.  He passed Zack without a word, and shut the
door behind him.  Todd returned about thirty minutes later, clutching a
small paper bag.  A confused Zack turned, saying, "What --"  Todd didn't
hear the rest, as he quickly retreated to his room.

Once inside his room, Todd dropped the bag onto his bed, and took off his
clothes.  He stood there naked for almost a full minute before working up
the courage to pick up the contents of the bag.  It was a small tube, the
contents of which, he squirted onto his finger.  He put one foot on the
bed, reached down, and started to work the K-Y Jelly into his anus.
First one finger, then two.  He repeated the action a few times until his
rectum was good and slippery.  Todd wiped off his hand, took a deep
breath, and opened his door.

Zack was still sitting on their couch, watching television when Todd
stepped in front of him.  Todd knew that his body looked amazing.  Zack
began to say something, but Todd had already straddled him, and silenced
him with a deep, passionate kiss.  All doubt left Todd then.  It just

Todd felt Zack's hand cup his buttocks as the two made out.  He also felt
Zack's hardening cock.  As the two kissed, Todd found himself unbuttoning
Zack's shirt with trembling fingers.  Then, Todd ran his hand over his
friend's muscled chest, and rippling abdominal muscles.  Finally, Todd's
fingers felt Zack's cock through his khaki pants.  He massaged it, and
moved his lips to Zack's neck.  Then, the kisses trailed down Zack's
muscled torso, and Todd dismounted, coming to his knees between Zack's

He reached up, unbuttoning and then unzipping Zack's trousers.  Todd
hooked his hands under Zack's waistband, and pulled the trousers down,
and off.  Then came the underwear, which couldn't come off quickly enough
for Todd.  And there it stood, proudly erect, Zack's penis.  Todd wrapped
his fingers around the cock, eagerly working his hand up and down.  He
leaned in, and gave it a lick.  Then another, running from the testicles
all the way to the tip.  He did that a few more times before taking the
head into his mouth.  He left it there for a few seconds, tonguing it,
teasing it.  He tasted salty pre-cum.

Finally, he lowered his head, and took as much of the cock into his mouth
as he could without gagging.  As he retracted (slowly), Todd sucked for
all he was worth.  Todd followed that pattern for a couple of minutes
(coming up for breath every so often) until he knew Zack was ready.

Todd stood before Zack for a couple of seconds, letting his friend admire
his body.  Then he climbed on top of him.  On his knees, Todd could feel
Zack's cock, brushing up against his rear end.  He wiggled a bit, and
smiled, teasing his friend.

Todd raised himself up a bit, and hovered above the cock.  He reached
behind him, and grabbed it.  He guided the cock to his anus as he lowered

Todd locked eyes with Zack, and lowered himself further.  He felt the
cock enter his rectum and he gasped.  Even lubricated by the K-Y Jelly,
it hurt, and bad, but he never broke eye contact with Zack.  Further and
further he lowered, one centimeter at a time, eye to eye with his lover,
his friend, until it was buried deep into his anus.  It was all the way

Todd sat there, Zack's cock deep in his ass, for almost thirty seconds
before he started to pull himself up.  Going down the second time was
easier.  By the third time, the pain was almost gone.  The fourth, and
that pain was replaced by pleasure.  Soon, Todd was riding Zack for all
he was worth.  It wasn't just the actual penetration that Todd enjoyed;
sure, that was a big part of it.  But in that moment, Todd felt like a
real woman.  He felt his breasts bouncing, his ass jiggling, and his man
fucking him.  In that moment, Todd knew.  This was the person he was
meant to be.  He was had become a she; perhaps she always had been.


By the end of the year, Todd had changed her name to Tara, and had become
Zack's live-in girlfriend.  She  aced the report, though she knew it
wasn't her best work (her situation had obviously elicited some sympathy
from the professor, as Zack had suggested it might), and she retained her
scholarship offer.  She even had gotten additional funds from a
transgender charity of some sort (she didn't research it much, but wasn't
about to turn down free money).

Tara and Zack had become a couple, and quite a cute one at that.  Zack
doted on his girlfriend; she was everything to him.  Tara embraced her
femininity.  She started dressing as any other woman might dress, with
nothing off limits.  She wore skirts or dresses as much as jeans or
shorts.  They were happy.

Tara's mother accepted her change when she told her over the summer.  She
said that she had always sort of expected it.

Tara elected not to go ahead with full SRS.  Maybe it was fear.  Perhaps
it was that she was content with the way things were.  Even she didn't

The next year, Tara and Zack went to law school together, and their
relationship continued to blossom.  He proposed in their second year of
law school, and the two were married six months later.  A year after they
graduated, the two adopted a darling baby boy, and went about their

They remained married for until forty-five years later, Zack died of a
heart attack.  Two years later, Tara succumbed to cancer.  They were
survived by two children, four grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

They were best friends the moment they met.  They remained so until death
took Zack from this world.

The End