Sunday, September 11, 2011

I wrote this really short story on a whim.  There was very little thought that went into it, but I think the end result is very erotic.  As you all can probably tell, I really enjoy the idea of feminization as a revenge tool.  So this story focuses on a boy who is feminized for his father's past transgressions.  Hope you like it.

Nikki J

Terry wasn't like the other boys, his mother always said.  He was
special.  His mother let him explore his unique slant on life, and even
encouraged him to experiment with different things.  Growing up, she
bought him dolls, tea sets, and other feminine toys so that he wouldn't
feel trapped by his masculinity.  Terry always laughed at that.  And then
he went to play with his dolls.

Vaguely, he knew that boys were supposed to be rough-and-tumble, but he
had never really experienced it.  Terry was home schooled, and he only
rarely had contact with kids his own age (or any age for that
matter).  But he didn't mind.  His mother was his best friend; she always
had time to play.

As he grew older, his tastes changed from dolls to whichever teen boy
band was currently dominating the radio charts.  His mother, as she was
very supportive, encouraged him.  She even introduced him to his first
boy band, engaging him in a conversation about how dreamy and talented
they were.  Terry was quite quick to agree with his mother, as she was
usually right.  It was only after he listened to their whole CD that he
really became a fan.  That Christmas, his mother bought him a few posters
of the boy band, and one of their concert DVDs.  Terry was ecstatic.  The
posters went up right away, and the DVD rarely left the player for nearly
a year.

At twelve years old, Terry's mother started him on some special vitamins.
She said that he was unique, and that he needed them to stay strong.
Terry trusted his mother implicitly, and so, he took the vitamins without

He was a bit concerned when his body began to change, but his mother
assured him that it was natural.  Terry, as always, trusted his mother.
She even bought him some bras for his budding breasts.  A few weeks after
that, Terry's mother introduced him to the razor.  She had noticed that
his legs and underarms were developing hair (she had talked to him about
puberty), and thought that it was time.  The next year, Terry's mother
took him to the electrolysis clinic for his birthday - no more shaving
for him!

When Terry turned fifteen, he was standing in front of the mirror after
his shower.  He was naked, so his body was on full display.  Terry came
to grips  with the fact that his mother had been right; he wasn't like
other boys.  Other boys didn't have breasts.  They didn't have wide hips
or a round butt, either.  Terry had all of those, and more.

Three years later, Terry's mother bought him a web cam.  She said it was
so he could communicate with kids his own age, and even signed him up for
a website.  He was dubious at first.  His mother had never shown an
interest in his having friends before (besides herself, of course).  She
told him to try it out that night, and she added, "Don't be shy.  Just go
with whatever they ask you to do."

It was good that she told him that, because his first online friend asked
him to take his shirt off.  Remembering his mother's words, Terry
complied.  He removed his pink tee-shirt (he just adored pink), and then
his white bra, letting his C-Cup breasts fall free.  A few seconds later,
Terry's new friend signed off.

But it wasn't long before someone else was online; Terry didn't even have
time to put his shirt back on.  The next one wanted him to remove his
shorts, so  he did.  Terry had to admit, he felt naughty, but in a good
way.  Then, his friend asked him to take off his pale yellow panties.
Terry did, revealing his small, hairless penis.

Then, that one hung up.  Terry was frustrated.  Why didn't they want to
talk to him for long?  The next friend asked him to dance a little, and
Terry was only too happy to comply.  His mother was once a professional
ballerina, so she had passed on her knowledge to her grateful son.  Terry
danced naked for the web cam for a few minutes before his mother walked
in, telling it was time for bed.

Terry shrugged, and, still naked, kissed his mother good night, and
turned off the web cam.  Lying in bed that night, he  knew that what he
had been doing was strange.  But his mother didn't seem to mind, so it
must be okay.

So it went for the next few months.  Terry would would sign on, and turn
his web cam on each night, and boys would talk to him, asking him to do
different things.  Some were simple, like some would ask him to take off
his clothes.  Others were a bit different; they wanted him to touch
himself.  He knew that mother didn't want him to be shy, so he did as
they asked.  Soon, he began to like it.  They would all tell him how
beautiful he was.

After the first few months, Terry got his own website.  His mother even
had a photographer come out and take some photos of him in various states
of undress.  She told him that lots of photographers take nude photos of
their subjects; it was artistic.  Terry was only too happy to oblige.  He
had grown quite fond of the way boys looked at him when he was naked.

Terry's mother was quite well off; her second husband had died
unexpectedly, leaving her a great fortune.  As such, they lived in quite
a big house with lots of staff.  They even had two gardeners.

One day, just after Terry's nineteenth birthday, he asked his mother for
a favor.

"Mommy," he said.  "Will you do something for me?"

"Sure, dear," she replied.  "What do you need?"

"Well," Terry started. "It's for my website."

"Oh," she said.  "I think I read the request you're talking about.  In
fact, there have been quite a few such requests, haven't there?"

"Yes, ma'am," Terry said.  "But it would mean so much to me."

"Okay, honey," his mother agreed.  "We can do it tomorrow."

As it turned out, Terry's site had grown in popularity to the point where
he got several hundred emails a day.  He tried to read and answer them,
but there were far too many.  But a recurring theme was that they wanted
to see him with a man, and not just him; they wanted to see his mother
too.  Of course, none of them knew her as his mother.  They just thought
it was a beautiful woman who would sometimes appear in Terry's videos.

Terry's mother was quite attractive; she had been a dancer by trade, and
had kept that physique.

And so it happened that Terry set up a camera near the pool, and turned
it on.  He and his mother stripped nude, and waded into the pool.

"This is what they want, mommy," Terry said.

On cue, one of the gardeners - a very muscular Latino - emerged from the

"Oh, he'll do," Terry heard his mother say almost under her breath.  Then
she raised her voice, crooked her finger,  and said, "Come on in, stud."

He just smiled, and ripped his shirt off.  Then came his pants; he was
wearing no underwear, and Terry couldn't help but notice that his penis
was quite a big bigger than his small, two-inch appendage.

The man waded to where Terry and his mother stood waste deep in the
water.  He wasted no time, and leaned in to kiss Terry.  It was his
first, and Terry was quite taken by it.  The man's tongue snaked into his
mouth, and Terry could taste his saliva.  Terry felt the man's rough,
callused hand massaging his breast.  And then he broke free, and started
kissing Terry's mother.

Terry didn't know what to do, so he just started feeling the man's
muscular torso; bumps and ridges of muscle were everywhere, and Terry was
fascinated by it.  He was also quite aroused.  Terry's mother had had
"the talk" with him a few years previously, and Terry quickly remembered
what boys like him were supposed to do.

Terry's hand traveled  down the man's torso, and soon found his penis -
no, his cock.  That's what mommy had called it.  It was already hard, and
boy was it huge.  Terry wrapped his dainty hand around it, and started to
pull it underwater.  A few seconds later, Terry's mother led the man to
the edge of the pull, and she quickly hopped out, and let her legs hang
over the edge.  She spread her legs, exposing her glistening, hairless
pussy (her words, not Terry's).  Terry was mesmerized by it.  So that's
what girls had down there.

The man eagerly put his face between Terry's mother's legs, and started
to lick.

"Get down there and suck that cock, Terry honey," Terry's mother said
between moans.  She had never steered him wrong, so Terry took a deep
breath, and went underwater.  He opened his eyes to see the man's monster
staring back at him.  He opened his mouth, and wrapped his full lips
around it.  He was proud of how long he could hold his breath, and he
stayed under for more than a minute, sucking the gardener's cock, just
like Mommy had told him to.

He came up, gasping for air, just as the man pulled his face from between
Terry's mother's legs.

"Hop up here, honey," she said to Terry, and patted the concrete.  "Let's
really have some fun."

Terry did as he was told, and the gardener got out of the pool as well.
"Keep sucking.  I have something I need to get from in the house," his
mother told him.  So, sitting poolside cross-legged, Terry sucked the
gardener's cock.  Every now and then, he would look at the camera, smile,
and wave innocently.

A few minutes later, his mother returned with some sort of tube.  She
squirted something onto her finger, and said, "I want you to bend over,
Terry."  Terry did, and soon, he felt his mother's finger enter his
rectum.  She worked it in and out a few times, and Terry had to admit, it
did feel quite good.

"Now get up, and I want you to get on top of...what was your name again?"
she asked.

"Julio," he said, his voice thick with an accent.

"I want you to get on top of Julio here, and let his cock into your ass. 
Now, you're going to have to relax, honey, or it's going to hurt," she
explained.  "In fact, it's going to hurt, but you can't act like it does,
okay? Just be a big boy."

Terry had expected as much; the requests had been for he and his mother
to have sex with a man, and he knew from "the talk" that this was how it
was done.  So, Terry straddled Julio, who had sat down with his legs
dangling into the water.  Terry reached back, and felt the big cock.  He
grabbed it, and guided it inside of his rectum as he eased down.  His
mother was right.  It did hurt, but he was determined to act otherwise.
He moaned like it was the most pleasurable thing in the world.  A few
seconds later, it was all the way in.  He sat there for a moment,
acclimating himself to the feel of a big cock in his ass.

"Now ride it, honey," Terry's mother instructed.

And Terry did.  Up and down, he rode that cock.  After a bit, the pain
eased, and it came to feel very good for the boy.  He rode it for what
seemed like hours, but was only minutes, his breasts bouncing around as
he screamed with pleasure (his mother had said to make like he was
enjoying it).  He rode that cock until he felt Julio cum inside of him.

"Now go bend over in front of the camera, and show them what you did,"
Terry's mother instructed.  So Terry walked over to the camera, put his
rear end in front of it, and bent over.  He could feel Julio's cum
leaking out of his rectum.  "Good, baby.  Now come get Julio ready for


The package arrived at around noon on a Saturday.  It was innocuous
enough, just a small, brown-paper wrapped package about the size of a
hardcover novel.  When Bob opened it, he found a letter and what looked
like a homemade DVD.  He opened the letter, unfolded it, and started to
read.  It stated the following:

Dear Bob:

I hope this letter finds you well.  I really do.  You probably won't
believe that at first, but let me explain, and maybe you'll understand.
I hope that your life has been absolute bliss since you divorced me after
I found you cheating.  I hope that you've spent all that money which
should have been mine (at least half of it) and bought as much happiness
as you possibly could.  Because it doesn't matter.  Nothing you've done
since then matters one little bit.  That happiness is about to be
completely shattered.

Ah, intrigued now, are you?  I thought you would be.  You see, Bob, I was
a wreck after you divorced me.  I was completely penniless, and had no
job prospects.  I hit rock bottom.  But at least I had Terry.  He was
what pulled me through.  He was the only thing you lost in the divorce,
but I can't imagine you cared all that much.  You never really paid him
that much attention when we were together, anyway.  But I'm getting ahead
of myself.  No, you left me alone and without money.  One night, as I
went without food for the second straight day, I vowed to get back at
you.  I knew it wouldn't be quick, and it would require patience, but I
wanted revenge.

But how?  What could I do to hurt you?  Luckily, over the seven years we
were married I learned a lot about you.  I found out about your hatred of
homosexuals (as if you even tried to hide it), and I also learned that
you viewed Terry as an extension of yourself, as some sort of trophy
about which to brag to your friends.  So, it was clear.  I knew what to
do to you.

I know it was manipulative, and I'm aware of how selfish I've been.  But
at the end of the day, Terry loves me.  He doesn't even know who you are.
And I love him for who he is (never mind that I made him who he is).  Who
is to say that he wouldn't have turned out like that anyway?

So, without further ado, I want you to watch that video.  You'll
recognize me.  You might even recognize the gardener Julio you fired for
missing a day of work to bury his grandmother.  But you probably won't
recognize the stunningly beautiful creature with us - that is your son.
That is Terry.

Enjoy the movie.


Katrina King

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  1. Such abuse of authority and misuse of the love someone feels for you (love this skank didn't deserve). The real treasure of the marriage was the kid. The only reason for the affinity for the end product of the kid is that it errantly felt like vengence was occuring. The man left the kid also! What the HELL makes any woman think this would hurt a man more than to attack his own manhood directly? Chicken shit whore couldn't touch her husband to exact vengence and that she lost everything except the kid tells me she was at some fault and the man didn't want the kid. This bitch was a bully and the man was selfish to leave his son in the hands of this vile woman. This woman made her kids victimization of his fathers abandonment/rejection more acute. The kid thought his mom loved him and he felt vulnerable without his fathers influence in his life. This kid does not know what love is because he has never been given it.