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Gene (another story)

I've always been intrigued by the idea of an Emo boy who took the inherent androgyny of the style a little too far.  I know this story doesn't really address that, but that was the seed of the idea which prompted it.  I thought it turned out okay.  It's not my best work (in terms of prose, grammar, or language), but the story itself is quite erotic to me.

Anyway, this story is about a boy named Gene whose girlfriend goes to study in France.  Her best friend convinces him that she's straying towards what she terms "scene" boys.  To help him keep her, she suggests that he become one himself.  Of course, this being the sort of story it is, her interpretation of a "scene" boy is closer to being an emo/goth/scene girl (you know what I'm talking about!).

So here it is:

Nikki J

Gene was a naïve boy.  Everyone knew it.  But that didn't stop him from
having quite a lot of friends; he even was popular with the ladies,
despite his petite stature.  At only 5"3' and 110 lbs., and with very
feminine facial features, he was often mistaken for a girl.  Gene,
though, was a rare boy.  He had quite a sense of humor, and could laugh
off almost anything. That is a rare quality in anyone, let alone a
sixteen year old.

As it turned out, Gene developed an on-again, off-again relationship with
a girl named Judy.  One month, they would be dating, and the next, Judy
didn't want anything to do with the boy.  Judy, as was obvious to most
anyone who met her, was quite flighty, but she was a smart one.

In the middle of their Junior year in high school, Judy was accepted into
a program to study abroad.  It was a big day for her, because she needed
that sort of reference on her transcript in order to get into a good
college.  Gene couldn't help but feel a little sadness, though.  Sure, he
was happy for his sometime girlfriend, but, at the same time, he wanted
her to stay.  Gene dismissed the thought as selfish, and left it at that.

Judy was flighty, sure, but she stayed with Gene for the entire three
months before she was scheduled to leave.  It turned out to be the best
three months of Gene's life.  He almost cried when she boarded her plane
for France.

Judy's best friend, Erin, was tolerant of Gene at the best of times, but
Gene was surprised when she offered to help him set up a web cam so the
two could talk and see one another.

"I just hope she doesn't get distracted over there," Erin said.  "You
know, that obsession with scene boys she has now."

"What?  What are scene boys?" Gene asked, a slight panic in his voice.
He knew how easily Judy could get hung up on a certain type. Rumor had it
that she had alternated between pretty boys like Gene, jocks, punks, and
even, a few times, a girl over the course of her high school love life.
He had often wondered if anything had ever happened between Judy and

"You know.  Scene..  It's hard to explain," Erin said.

"Yeah," Gene said.  After they set up the web cam, Erin left, and Gene
was left to ponder whether or not he had to worry about losing his
girlfriend to whatever these scene boys were.


A couple of days later, Erin called.

"Gene," she said.  "I think there's a problem.  Judy was talking to me
yesterday about some cute scene boys she found in France."

"No," Gene replied. "That can't be. She wouldn't cheat on me."

"You know how she is," Erin replied.

Gene did know, and it certainly was plausible that Judy had lost interest
in him.  So, after a moment, he said, "What do I do?"

", you don't want to do that," she said.

"What?" Gene asked.

"If she likes them so much, why don't you become one?" Erin suggested.

"I don't have the first clue what a scene boy is, much less how to become
one," Gene explained.

"I could help you," Erin offered.


"Yeah, but you have to do what I say," Erin said.  "No complaints or

"Whatever you want, Erin, I'll do it," Gene replied.

"Okay, come over tonight at six, and we can get started," she said.


Gene got there early, but Erin was ready.  She led him up to her room,
and asked him to sit down.

"First things first, you have to understand what you're going to become,"
Erin said.  "It's not going to be easy, and it'll be weird at first."

"Whatever it takes to keep Judy," Gene said.

"Okay.  Well, the first thing you need to know is that you're going to
have to change the way you act.  Scene boys are really, really
effeminate.  They move like girls, dance like girls, and even have
posture like girls.  That's the draw, you see.  Girls can live out a sort
of pseudo-lesbian fantasy without committing to being an actual lesbian. 
So, I think that's where we'll start."

She had him stand up, and corrected his posture and the way he stood.  By
the end of that first night, Gene knew what he need to work on, and that
was the biggest part.  Erin had him promise not to revert back to his
normal posture and comportment.

Gene got a few funny looks at school, but he figured that people were
just a little put off by what looked like a halfway effort.  He resolved
to work harder.

The next night, Erin had Gene practice moving like a girl more.  She even
had him dance to some club music.  Erin gave him a CD to take home to
practice with.  Also, she gave him a tube of some sort of hair removal
cream and said, "Scene boys don't have body hair, so you're going to have
to shave or use that."

Gene chose the cream, and applied it when he got home.  When he washed it
off, he was as smooth as the day he was born.  It made him get more into
the whole "scene" thing.

The next night, Erin had a lot planned.  They started out with his hair,
which had grown kind of shaggy.  Erin dyed it black, and gave it purple
streaks.  In addition, she sort of swept his bangs over his face in a
very feminine style.

Next, she showed him the clothes, and he almost called it off right
there.  He knew they were girl's clothes.  But he couldn't lose Judy.  He
took the bundle and started toward the bathroom.

"Just dress right here.  Scene boys aren't afraid of being seen naked by
girls," Erin said.

Gene shrugged, and stripped his clothes off.  He paused for a second at
his underwear, and then took those off too.

"Don't forget to tuck your thingy back," Erin said as Gene pulled a pair
of Hello Kitty panties up his smooth legs.  He did as he was instructed,
leaving a smooth crotch.  Then came the skinny jeans; they were so tight
he had a little trouble pulling them on.  Finally, he pulled on a tight-
fitting pink tee-shirt with a lollypop on it.   "Now for your makeup.
Pay attention so you can learn to do this yourself."

She sat him down, and started applying makeup.  After a few minutes, she
was finished, but Gene had no clue what she had done.  When she held the
mirror in front of him, he saw a girl's face.  He supposed that was the
point, as he took in the bright pink makeup around his eyes.

Erin spent the rest of the evening teaching him to apply his makeup, and
showing him the other clothes she had gotten for him.  He didn't question
her at all, but just went along with it.  As he was leaving, Erin said,
"Oh, I almost forgot."  She tossed a pair of bottles his way.  "Vitamins
for your skin, so you don't break out from the makeup."

"Thanks," Gene said.

"Just follow the directions," Erin instructed.

When Gene got home, he took his vitamins as he was told.

Almost a month passed, with Gene receiving "scene" lessons from Erin
every day.  He appreciated it, of course, but he also found it quite
difficult.  There was far more to it than just changing clothes.  It was
an attitude, and he was bent on perfecting it.  He wouldn't lose Judy if
he could help it.

He was so focused on becoming what he thought Judy wanted that he hardly
even noticed the changes in his body.  His nipples were growing puffy,
and itched like mad.  His hips were getting wider, and his butt had
started to really fill out his skinny jeans.

Two months after he started taking the vitamins, Gene had noticeable B-
cup breasts.  A month after that, and they were C-cups.  Erin said that
was normal, and that he should start wearing a bra.  Gene did.  Gene's
eighteenth birthday came and went, and he continued to change.

Vaguely, Gene was aware of how he looked. He knew he was far closer to
looking like a girl than a boy now.  But for some reason, he hardly
cared.  It was just part of his efforts to keep Judy.

He got his navel and ears pierced a few weeks later.

Finally, after five months, Erin said he was ready.  She hadn't let him
use the web cam since he had started his transition, and instead had
claimed to be giving Judy updates.

Needless to say, Gene was excited.  He even knew what he was going to do.
It wasn't just going to be a conversation.  Erin had suggested that he
show off some of his new moves.

Gene chose his outfit carefully, starting with his pink panties which had
a rainbow on the front.  Then he put on a matching bra; for some reason
he didn't even question that he needed one to support his breasts.
Finally, he wore a tight white tee-shirt that Erin had given him; it had
a Care Bear on the front.  He expertly applied (matching) pink makeup to
his eyes, and then added a few light finishing touches to the rest of his
face.  Finally, he fixed his hair how Erin had taught him; the streaks
were now pink.

Looking in the mirror, Gene knew he looked fantastic.  The shirt came
down just below his navel, leaving a small gap between it and his
panties.  He was ready.

Erin had told Gene that he wouldn't be able to really communicate with
Judy; he would basically only be able to record a video.  That was fine
with Gene.  He was content to just show Judy what she was missing.  The
planned time came, and Gene turned on the webcam.

"Hey baby," he said in his most girlish voice.  He waved at the camera.
"I hope you're thinking about me in France.  I wanted to do something so
you don't forget me, so here it goes."

Gene stepped away from the web cam, and hit play on his mp3 player.  The
song started off slow, and Gene moved his hips with the beat, rubbing his
hands all over his body.  As the song's beat quickened, so did the pace
of Gene's dancing.  He moved, and he gyrated with the music until the
song was almost halfway over. And then he started the real show.

Still dancing, he yanked off his tee-shirt, and smiled at the camera.
Then, moving with the beat, Gene unhooked his bra, and let his breasts
fall free.  He continued to dance topless for a bit, rubbing his breasts,
licking his lips, and giving the camera his best come-hither look.
Finally, he slipped his panties off.  He danced, completely naked, for a
couple of minutes before the song ended.

Still naked, he waved to the camera, and said, "Bye, baby.  I hope you
keep that in mind."

Gene felt so naughty after dancing for his girlfriend, and butterflies
danced in his tummy.  He knew he had been bad, and it felt so good.

A few minutes after he had finished his show, his phone rang.  He picked
it up, and said, "Hello?"

"That was just fantastic, Gene!" Erin's voice said.  "She loved it.  She
absolutely loved it!"

That was all Gene needed to hear.

So it went for a few weeks; each  night, Gene would put on a show for his
girlfriend.  He got quite good at stripping.

It wasn't until Erin called him three weeks after his initial dance that
he knew something was wrong.  "She's getting bored, Gene.  She doesn't
think you've really committed to this.  Judy even called you a poser."

"What?  What else do I need to do?  I'm --" Gene was frantic.

"Well, there's one thing a lot of scene boys do, but I don't know if you
want to go that far," Erin said.

Gene didn't hesitate.  "What is it?  I'll do it."

"Um, well.  You know how guys like it when two girls get together?  It's
the same for us.  We like to see two good-looking boys get together, and
a lot of scene boys don't mind.  They're already so in touch with their
feminine side that it's not a big deal for most of them," she explained. 
"I understand if you don't --"

"I'll do it," Gene said.  He wasn't about to lose his girlfriend because
he wasn't sexually adventurous enough.  "What do I need to do?"

"Nothing.  Just be at my house tomorrow night," she said.  "I know how to
make this happen."

Gene was distraught.  He had done everything else Judy wanted.  He hoped
this latest plan would be enough.  He couldn't sleep that night for

The next night, he found himself in Erin's room.  Her parents had gone
out of town, she said.

"He should be here any minute," Erin said.  "You should be excited.  Perk
up, Gene."

"I know.  I'm just worried," Gene stated.

"It'll be fine.  This will show you that you're --"  A ringing doorbell
interrupted her.  "Oh, that's him!"  And she scampered from the room,
leaving Gene alone with his thoughts. It wasn't long, however, before
Erin returned, leading a very large, quite muscular boy.  He looked quite
a bit older than either Erin or Gene - maybe around twenty-five.  He was
tall, with an athlete's physique.  The man (Gene couldn't rightly think
of him as a boy) had blonde hair and a hint of stubble.

"Is this her?" the man asked Erin.

"Yes," she answered.  She pushed a button on her camera, and said, "I'll
just leave you two to it then."

She stepped out, and closed the door.

Gene stood.  He had heard the man refer to him as a girl, but he didn't
mind.  Lots of people made that mistake.

Gene had (at Erin's suggestion) worn a short skirt for that night.  It
was pleated, and looked like a very naughty school girl's uniform.  To
complete the outfit, he wore knee-high stockings, and a tight, black tee-
shirt (Gene didn't even bother to notice the design on it, he was so

The man must have noticed Gene's case of nerves, because he said, "Just
relax,baby.  I'm Tom."

"Gene," Gene whispered.

"Okay, Gina," Tom said, stepping closer, and putting his hand on Gene's
waist.  "Erin told me your situation, and how I can help."  He paused,
looking Gene up and down.  "But I didn't expect you to be so cute."

Gene blushed.

Then, Tom leaned in and kissed him.  Gene was surprised at first, but
soon, was kissing back.  It felt good as Tom wrapped him in his strong
arms.  It felt safe.

Gene had only ever had sex a few times, but it had never been anything
like what Tom was doing.  He took his time, seemingly content to kiss
Gene's painted lips for what seemed like hours.  Gene was quite confused.
He hadn't really wanted to go through with it, had only agreed out of
desperation.  But something was happening to him as he stood in Tom's
arms, feeling the man's tongue in his mouth.  He actually was getting
horny.  He hadn't had an erection in quite a while, but he had gotten
used to that feeling deep in his tummy which signified his arousal.

Tom picked him up, and Gene wrapped his legs around the big man, still
kissing him as he was carried to the bed.  Tom laid him down gently, but
Gene didn't unwrap his legs.  They made out for a few minutes more until
Tom guided Gene's shirt, and this his bra off.

When Tom started kissing Gene's nipples, he nearly went through the roof.
Good couldn't quite describe how it felt.  No word Gene knew was adequate
for that task.  But Tom didn't linger for too long, though Gene certainly
wouldn't have minded.  Tom, however, had other plans.  His lips traced
the length of Gene's torso until he came to the waistband of Gene's
skirt.  He deftly unbuttoned it, and slipped it off.

"Cute panties," Tom said. Gene could only smile.  He had chosen a pair of
Spider-Man boyshorts.  They were slipped off within a few seconds,
leaving Gene's hairless penis bare to the world.

"And a cute little dick to go with them," Tom joked.  Gene knew that his
penis had gotten smaller, and he had to admit that it probably was cute.

Gene's thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of Tom's mouth on his
genitals.  No, that's not right.  It was Gene's genitals in Tom's mouth. 
His penis and testicles were small enough that Tom could fit everything
in at once.

It wasn't like getting a blow job from a girl.  For one, Gene never got
hard.  Two, it just felt...different.  Tom's tongue flicked around Gene's
limp member expertly, and Gene moaned.  Then, Gene felt something cold on
his rectum.  He looked up, and saw a discarded tube of K-Y Jelly beside

And then Gene's world changed as Tom's finger entered him.  Tom worked it
around for a few minutes, fingering Gene first with one finger, then with
two.  It felt like nothing Gene had ever experienced before.  He just
didn't have the words to describe it.  Not bad, but not great.  It was a
tease, and he knew it.  How would it feel when Tom really fucked him?

Gene didn't have to wait long for that answer.  Once Gene's hole was good
and lubed, Tom stood, and removed his pants, then his underwear.  Finally
his shirt came off, and Gene smiled at Tom's nudity.

His body was even more muscular than Gene had guessed, but Gene's eyes
didn't stray after they had fixed on Tom's cock.  It wasn't the size,
though that was impressive enough.  No, it was just that it was a cock.
A real, naked, and engorged penis, live and in person.  Almost
instinctively, Gene started to sit up, and reached for it.

"No.  This is all about you, baby," Tom said, as he brushed Gene away.
"Just lay back."  Gene did.  "Spread your legs."  Gene obeyed.  "Wave at
the camera."  Gene did.

And then Tom stepped between his legs, and Gene felt Tom's cock touch the
rim of his hole.  Tom didn't push it in immediately, but teased Gene for
a few seconds.  And then Gene felt it push in.  Tom went slowly; he knew
Gene was a virgin.  But it still hurt, and Gene cried out in pain.  Tom
continued to push, and Gene felt every inch of Tom's cock as it entered
him for the first time.  It was in.  All the way.  Tom stayed there for a
few seconds before starting to pull out, ever so slowly.  Gene moaned,
and ran his hands over Tom's rippling abdominal muscles.

Tom rammed it in fast, and Gene squealed.  He retracted slowly, and then
went in fast again.  After a couple of minutes, the pain became pleasure,
and Gene started to really enjoy himself.  He felt his breasts jiggle
with each thrust, and he couldn't help but scream as Tom fucked him.

After a few minutes, Tom flipped Gene over.  Gene pushed his ass into the
air almost instinctively.  Tom slapped his ass, and then entered him from
behind.  Being fucked doggystyle was Gene's favorite.

And so they went for almost an hour and a half.  Gene didn't know where
Erin had found Tom, but the man had immense stamina.  By the time they
were done, Gene was completely worn out.  He had cum dripping from his
ass, and sweat (and quite a bit of activity) had mussed his hair, and
streaked his makeup.

Tom kissed him, and said, "That was good, baby."  Gene had nothing to
say; he just basked in the warm glow as Tom dressed, and then left.


"She loved it!" Erin said.  Gene sat on the bed, leaning against the
headboard in only his bra and panties.  "Judy definitely knows you're not
a poser now."

Gene smiled.  Sure, he was happy about Judy being happy, but it was more
than that.  His ass still hurt, even a day later, but it hurt in a good
way.  Memories of how it felt flitted through his mind.

He didn't have to rely on memories for long, because the next day, Erin
set up another camera session with a different man.  This one was just as
handsome, just as muscular, but shorter and black.  Gene never even got
his name, but he definitely noticed that the man's cock was enormous.

Every few days, Erin brought Gene a new man with which to have sex.  Gene
got quite good at it; his enthusiasm and enjoyment was readily apparent. 
He even learned to suck cock, though he didn't really like it that much. 
The men did, though, so he continued to do it.

And then the day came when Judy was scheduled to get back home.  Gene was
ecstatic, and could hardly contain himself.  It had been almost a year
since he had last seen his girlfriend.  Had she changed as much as him?
Gene doubted it.

He dressed carefully that day; he wanted to impress Judy.  Erin helped
him choose his outfit (skinny jeans and a tight tank top).  His black
hair now had blonde streaks, and he chose simple black eye makeup.   He
couldn't help but notice, when looking in the mirror, that his cleavage
looked fantastic.  Judy would be thrilled.

Gene's heart leaped into his throat when he saw Judy walking down the
concourse.  She hadn't changed a bit, still as beautiful as ever.  But it
was strange.  Gene was standing in full sight, in plain view, but Judy's
eyes just skated over him like hew wasn't even there.  When she got
closer, Gene waved.

Finally, Gene couldn't contain himself, and rushed to Judy, and embraced
her in a tight hug.

"Oh, Judy, I'm so glad you're home!" he squealed.

"Who—wha?" Judy said, pulling away.  "Wait...Gene?  Is that you?  What
the hell is going on?"

"Of course it's me, silly," Gene said, confused a litte.

"What have you done to yourself?  Are those real?" she asked, clearly
talking about his breasts.

"You know they are," Gene said, smiling at Judy's joke.  Only, she wasn't
joking. She was disgusted.

"I, uh.  I have to go," Judy said, breaking away from Gene. "I'll, um,
talk to you later."

And then she was gone, leaving a confused Gene standing in the airport.


It took Gene a while to get home.  He wandered around the airport for
nearly an hour, wondering what exactly was going on.  Finally, though, he
found his way home.

Absently, he sat down at his computer, and opened his email.  There was
one from Erin.  Maybe she knew why Judy had acted like that.

It read:

Gene (or is it Gina now),

I bet you're wondering what is going on, and rightly so.  I have to say,
it's been really difficult for me to keep this to myself, and I expect it
will be somewhat cathartic to let it all out.  So here it goes.

You have not been in contact with Judy.  She hasn't heard one little bit
from you the entire time she's been in France.  I convinced her that you
had moved on, and that she shouldn't call.   We've actually grown quite a
bit closer over these last months, she and I.  Ah, but I get ahead of
myself.  Maybe I should start at the beginning.

About six months before Judy left, she and I had a bit of a thing.  It
was during one of your "off" times, so don't get all indignant (Or do.  I
bet you just look adorable.).  Anyway, it went on for a couple of months,
and, I have to say, I fell in love.  She's just so perfect, you know.  Of
course you do.  You love her too.  But then, as she does, she moved you.

It was so infuriating.  I asked her why, and she said that she didn't
know if she really liked girls (I knew she did).  We remained friends.
Being close to her in a friendly capacity is better than nothing at all. 
I figured that she would just move on from you after a couple of months
like always, but she didn't.  You two stayed together right up until she

That's when I decided to be a little more proactive.  You know how I told
you that you were dressing like...what was it?  A scene boy?  Yeah, that
doesn't exist.  I just made it up.  I know there are scene girls,
but....well, you were duped.  I just dressed you in girls' clothes, and
you did it.  I was absolutely amazed.

But that wasn't enough.  I wanted to go so much farther.  You know those
vitamins?  Female hormones and testosterone blockers.  You know those CDs
I gave you?  Hypnosis to make you a lot more...gullible and trusting.
They made it to where you just accepted whatever happened.

So, there you were, with the body of a girl, dancing around on a webcam
(A lot of people paid to see that, by the way).  But it wasn't enough.
You had to go all the way.  So, I brought home a male stripper which I
paid for with the money you had earned on your web cam.  That video sold
even better, so I decided to make some more.  And then, Judy got home.

Now that you're up to speed, I should tell you that I sent (anonymously
of course) all of these materials to Judy.  She's going to see exactly
what you've become.

And then she'll be mine.  All mine. And if not, at least you won't have

Love ya,


P.S. I hope we can stay friends.  I do like hanging out with you now.

Gene read it over and over again.  Was any of that even possible?  It was
like a dam breaking.  Once he knew what was going on, the hypnotic
suggestions seemed to vanish, and he clearly saw what had happened to

He had been fucked by men.  He looked like a girl now.  And Judy was
disgusted by him.

He cried himself to sleep that night.


It was two in the morning when Gene's phone rang.  He drowsily picked it
up, and said, "Hello?"

"Gene?" he heard Judy's voice asked.  "Is that you?"

At his beloved's voice, he awoke immediately.  "Yeah.  What's up?"

"I just wanted to say that I'm sorry," Judy said.  "I was surprised,
and --"

"Don't be sorry.  I understand," Gene answered.

"It's just that...why?" Judy asked.  Gene explained how Erin had tricked

"And you did all of that for me?" Judy queried.

"I did," Gene answered.

There was a moment of silence.  Then, Judy said, "She sent me the videos,
you know.  I think they're kind of sexy."

"Really?" a surprised Gene asked.

"Yeah," she replied.  And Gene thought that his current situation might
just be kinky enough to keep Judy's attention.

They talked for hours that night, mostly about France.  By the end of
their conversation, they had agreed to stay together, in spite of the
diabolical scheme which Erin had put into motion.

Happily ever after, and all that.

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  1. Wow! No comments? I can't believe it. Well, let me be the first, cos I think this story is sooo freakin' tight it scares me! (*_*) he, he, he. Truly a wonderful idea and well worked. A bit thin on the details, perhaps, but hey, what'cha got has enough candle power to light up Yankee stadium on the blacks of nights. Truly loved it, and thanks. You made ol'Pete's day.....