Thursday, October 13, 2011

Getting ready for a new life.

I hate chat bubbles.  There. I said it. They've just always felt so clunky to me.  I know they work but I'd rather try something different (especially with t he single frame captions) and fail than be safe and conventional and it be okay.So, I like to try different ways for my characters to have conversations.  Some work. Some don't.  In theory, this one should have worked, but I'm not so sure...I do like the picture, though.


  1. I liked the layout for this one. It was easy to follow the conversation and had a clean look that didn't detract from the picture. Great work!

  2. I liked the layout too! It was really easy for me to follow.

  3. Amazing work Nikki and I may not hate\dislike chat bubbles they belong in comics not here lol anyway keep up the good work

    1. Someone's making their way through the older posts! I still don't like chat bubbles!