Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rehabilitation = demasculinization

This is a slight change from the role reversal captions I've been making over the past week or so.  Sometimes, you just need a good ol' fashioned forced feminization caption. 

I actually like how this photo turned out -- it's not perfect by any means, but it's pretty good.  The background is pretty cool, as well.  On a side note, I think I've discovered a technique which will make the manipulations blend a little better, and I plan to implement that in the next caption I do.  Hopefully, it'll work out well.  If not, I can always do it the old way.

Anyway, here's the latest caption.


  1. A great program that should definitely be expanded!

  2. Considering JJ is still technically a male I think he'll think twice about getting arrested again and going back to the inmates in gen pop!

    (btw, these sorts of caps are my favorite :))