Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sissy and Proud

This is my attempt at a (risque) PSA.  I think it turned out okay, though I generally prefer longer captions.  I was going to go with an iPod-esque silhouette thing, but I didn't like the ambiguity of how that turned out.  However, I did end up using the bright background.  So all was not lost.  It's not as clean as I would have liked (presentation, not content), but I think it's okay.

Here it is.


  1. Lovely caption. So true. For years I thought I was alone but as I read and traveled I found I wasn't. Just glad that there were men along the way who enjoyed my company!

  2. Omg they should so put this on tv as a PSA

    1. I've actually seen this one crop dozens of times on other sites - probably more than any of my other work. So I guess there a lot of people who agree with you!

  3. I'm amazed about how beautiful she is. Is there more of her?