Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I like being looked at.

I had high hopes for this picture when I found it.  It's such a feminine activity, putting on makeup.  The caption turned out okay, but it's not my best work.  I do like the soft colors of the background though.  It kind of invites you to relax and just go with it.

Hope you like it.


  1. Hey Nikki; I genuinely enjoy your caps. Yours is one of my favorite sites to visit. If I had just one suggestion it would be to stop being so down on yourself. Constantly saying, "this isn't very good" or "I don't like this". It's both not true (your work is very good) and a little off-putting. Be proud of your excellent work.

  2. I know I tend to focus on the negative aspects of my work; I'm my own worst critic (though I think I'm being very objective when I judge it). If it's off-putting, I'm sorry. It's part of my own commentary which, I think, helps me improve. I usually don't post these captions directly after I make them, so I generally have to go back and look at them to remember what they're about. When I do so, I usually find things I don't like. Putting those thoughts on the blog helps me in that I have to really analyze each caption, background, and photo manipulation. I wouldn't post it if I wasn't pleased with the overall result, but individual parts may be strong or weak.

  3. Nikki,

    Lovely cap matched by the lovely source pic.

    Thanks for sharing!