Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Poll Results

The results of the poll are as follows:

A Warrior Reborn:  8 votes
The Black Witch: 5 votes
Wide Right: 2 votes
Gene: 20 votes
Just a Joke: 5 votes
An OBU Story: 13 votes
None: 11 votes

This surprised me a little, I'll admit.  I didn't consider Gene my best story, but obviously many of you do.  Any of you who voted on a story, feel free to let me know what, in particular, made you vote that way.

In other news, I'm shooting for a 11/15 release for my "Warrior Reborn" novel, which will include the first two parts (which are already available for free) as well as about 30-40 more pages which will conclude the story.  I still haven't decided on a price, but I think I'll be releasing it on as many formats as possible (for .99 to 2.99 -- I'm not sure on price yet).

I hope you'll all support it when it comes out.

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