Friday, November 4, 2011

Recession Proof

I love this photo.  Sure, it's grainy, and the quality of the picture is pretty bad, but the realism of the picture is really attractive.  And the caption isn't bad either.

As an aside, I'd like to ask if you all prefer that I tell short stories via captions or would you rather I write short text stories instead?  I have a few ideas for short (like 4-7 pages vs. my normal 15-30 pages) stories, but I was wondering which way would be better (captions vs. pure text stories).  If you have an opinion, leave a comment.  If not, well, enjoy today's caption!



  1. Hi Nicky J,

    i would love to have a mix of both, stories and such lovely captions like this one. And i am looking forward to your already mentioned ideas, i have no doubt they are great, so why not share them?

    Roland, online-boy of Master Chirenon

  2. Oh what a wonder love is <3 amazing work nikki