Friday, December 30, 2011

This is kind of a special caption for me.  I've taken a page out of Chirenon's (over at Male Protection ) book, and decided to show a scene from one of my favorite stories.  The story is entitled The Picture Album (by an author simply named Brit on Fictionmania) , and it deals with a spurned high school girl who inherits a picture album from her grandmother.  She soon finds that anything she puts in the picture album comes true, so she starts altering reality.  First, she makes herself popular.  Then, she starts changing the most popular boy in school into an effeminate sissy.  I'm not sure why I like the story so much, but it's easily one of my favorites.  I hope I did the scene justice, and maybe it will inspire some of you to read this great story. 

It was actually quite difficult to get this one right -- I started over like five times. 


  1. I too like the story on FM. Well written and hot. I like your caption. You have distilled the story to just a few paragraphs. Well done and your cap is erotic as well.

  2. This is also one of my all time favorite stories. You've done a great job distilling the story down to a single pic and cap!