Friday, January 6, 2012


I thought we needed a good, old-fashioned revenge feminization caption.  So here's one that we can all understand. 


  1. Nikki, don't you think many of the gurlz who visit will wonder why Bobbi got this fabulous promotion, seeing he was such a bad guy?! Now he gets to be all, like, sexy, and gets to spend his time, like, getting all this sexy attention?!


  2. Dear Nikki,

    although the pic is very lovely, i also wondered about the story of this caption. It might indeed be a punishment for a true macho male to get feminized, and even be some kind of revenge, but not really helping anyone of his former victims.

    And speaking of greediness: i think only the focus of greed changed. Formerly, it may have been money and power, now it is cock and getting fucked.

    Maybe one idea for enhancing the idea could be that "she" is now forced to work as a paid whore, for refunding the pensions of his former victims, so they benefit from the forced transition. Of course, thereby serving those victims for free on command.

    Best regards,