Monday, February 27, 2012

Feminized Superhero Caption - Superman

I downloaded this picture the other day, and I had two options.  One, I could go with a Superman caption in which Superman has to deal with feminization.  Or second, I could do a cosplay caption in which a particularly feminine boy is convinced to be Supergirl by his friends.   I chose to go with Superman.

I'm not that familiar with Superman.  I've watched the movies from the 80s, and I watched the most recent movie.  But I never read any comics or anything.  I wouldn't even call myself a fan, really.  I"m acquainted with the character, but don't know much about the mythology.  So, for this caption, I had to do research, which was kind of fun.  I had no idea the comic book heroes had such deep narratives.

Anyway, here it is!


  1. text is really tiny, can't even read it.

  2. the text is so small and blurred, it actually gave me a headache! lol!

  3. I would love to have seen the cosplay version! I'm not really a fan genuinely masculine men regressing into femininity

  4. Yeah, sorry about the text. This captionjust doesn't want to cooperate with me. It's about as good as I can get it now, though. Part of it is that it's kind of a long caption, and it's hard to get the text to show up without completely trivializing the picture itself.

    1. I would have probably split it into two different images in this case, that way the font can be big enough to read and the image isn't trivialized. I managed to read the caption and it was good, but there were a lot of typos that could have been caught with a simple read through. All in all, a good caption but far from perfect.

  5. u should have done the other verison