Saturday, February 11, 2012

Gender Role Reversal Future -- Fake Articles

I figured I would go ahead and put all of the Time Articles together on one post for easy viewing. 


  1. Nikki -

    It is 2014, and do you realize there is a 15 year old girl out there named DE-man-da... er... rather Amanda Griffin out there getting Her boyfriend to quit the school football team and too dress up like Disney's Cinderella under the promise she'll date him for the prom.

    If you can get this story out before She makes some kind of mold for latex plastic she has been fooling around with, you just might save an entire sex from entering an age seeing its own destruction. Please, Nikki, inform the public now or there will be generations of a once proud male sex that will know no more an idea or outlet of self-expression than how to accessorize an ensemble.... *sob*