Monday, February 13, 2012

I notice the strangest things.

I was reading Newsweek the other day, and I noticed a graphic which depicted men's rate of acceptance of the idea of being a stay-at-home dad/husband.  The information itself wasn't terribly important (men aren't terribly opposed to the idea anymore), but I did notice something that I thought was quite interesting.

The graphic used little male symbols to show units of measurement (think bars on a bar graph).  But what caught my eye was the fact that they did not use the traditional male symbol, but rather, a more...flaccid version of it. 

Following is a comparison to show you what I'm talking about:

On the left is the traditional male symbol.  On the right is my replication of the symbol they used.  I don't want to be terribly crass, but I'm sure your mind is already there. 

So is this something that's going on right now?  Did the symbol change while I wasn't looking?  Or is it meant to convey that stay-at-home husbands are less manly than their working counterparts? 

I don't know why this grabbed my attention the way it did.  It was a small graphic on the side of the page.  But it did, and I thought I'd bring it up.

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  1. The symbol represents the shield and spear of Mars, the god of war. The female symbol is the mirror of Venus the goddess of love. What that symbol is I don't know, maybe Mars after a night out with Bacchus