Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think this is the last fake Time Article I'm going to post.  There are other ideas in my head, but I'm having trouble finding suitable photographs/graphics for them. 

I think this little project actually worked out really, really well.  The layouts were fun to construct, but they weren't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated.  I think I created a reasonable facsimile of a real magazine article with each one, so that was good.

The pictures (at least in the first article) were a little more risque than one would typically see in a real magazine, but I've explained my logic there.  However, it still bugs me slightly.  Either way, they look good.

And then the articles themselves...I know I don't write like a journalist.  My style is far more familiar than what you would typically see in a news or magazine article.  That said, I think that's more of an indictment of the journalistic style prevalent in our country's magazines and newspapers than it is of my style.  I'm not saying that I write as well as them; in terms of factual essays and articles, they're the professionals.  I'm just saying that a little familiarity and a more casual style could make their articles far more approachable.

Anyway, I'm sure you all don't come to this blog to hear me ramble on about writing styles.  So here's the latest (and probably last) fake Time Article:

I love the idea behind this article, but I think it's a little more picture heavy than I'd prefer.  I just didn't have enough text to fill another page.  


  1. i love your take on role reversal especially when its about men who today would be ultra macho.

    love to see a piece on a future boi's curriculum

  2. Very creative twist on a possible future. Loved the magazine style layout. Very nice work!