Saturday, February 18, 2012


This story just took a left turn, I think.  There was no gentle curve.  Just turn and go in a completely new direction.  And I like it. 

It's such a fun idea; there are so many ways this can go now.  I hope you're all sticking with me on it!


Reality -- the word can mean so many different things.  Of course, it seems so non-negotiable, so concrete, but as we all know, it's relative.  It's preception.  And so it is with what we've dubbed "Reality" Television.  So much goes into presenting the story they want us to see; they manipulate us into feeling a certain way, into connecting with certain people, and into identifying the "villain" of the particular presentation. 

And it's really not that hard to see why.  We need conflict.  That's what we find interesting (what does that say about us as a cutlure?  I don't know.), for better or worse.  So why am I rambling on about reality?  Well...because that's the life I've chosen to live.

When I was asked about hormones, when I agreed to take them, I assumed that they'd just put me on them, and then wait for them to work.  Maybe they'd have me get plastic surgery.  I don't know.  But I'd seen porn stars -- I knew good and well what sort of bodies they had.  How different would it be for me, just because I wasn't really a girl?

But I was so, so wrong about my path.  I'm sure most of you have seen it -- at this point, who hasn't at least heard of it?  For those of you haven't, however, I'll explain the concept.

A.V.A. had been searching for close to two years for a suitable candidate for a very, very high-concept reality program.  They needed someone special, though, someone who could carry it.  First, they needed someone who wasn't shy about being naked or having sex on camera (the concept was considered porn after all), so that narrowed down the potentials.  But there are thousands of people who fit that criteria. 

But they wanted someone quite a bit more specific than that -- they wanted a boy.  Moreover, they wanted to follow a boy as he transitioned to being a woman (or a shemale -- they didn't care about that final operation). 

I know.  It's not your typical idea, is it?  I guess you need a little history to understand how they got to that point.

A.V.A. produces a very broad range of pornography; they do just about anything and everything.  But guess what branch is their most successful?  Yeah -- they make nearly half of their money with gay porn.  Now, two guesses what the most successful subset of that is.  Yup.  Shemale porn.   People love it, for some reason.  Maybe it's the novelty of it all; I don't know.  I'm not really attracted to shemales. 

So that's what they're known for -- producing high quality shemale porn. 

It's kind of funny that a porn studio did it first.  You'd think someone else would have decided to blend reality television with sex and nudity.  Sure, it wouldn't be easy to edit (with broadcast restrictions), but you could do it.  Anyway, A.V.A. didn't have to worry about any of that -- we were online, where anything went.

So that's what they told me -- I'd go on the hormones, they'd put me in a house out in L.A., and I'd continue with my burgeoning porn career.  All the while, a camera crew would follow me where I went.  They'd be in my house.  They'd be at my movie shoots.  And everyone would see me as I changed from an effiminate boy into a shemale porn star.

That was the concept.  That was the way it was supposed to happen. 

But as we all know, reality doesn't always cooperate with what we want to happen. 

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  1. If I had been reading this as you wrote it, I would be absolutely dying for the next installment! Really interesting story.