Monday, February 13, 2012

A Sissy In Denial -- This Time It's Going to be Different

This is another one where I really wanted to make structure it differently, but the picture just wasn't cooperating with me.  I suppose I could have simply removed the background, but I wanted it to have that "in the moment" feel, you know?  I know the watermark feels a little clumsily added, but I had created this piece way before I decided to start putting one on my work.  You have to plan a spot for it. 

That said, I am really, really proud of this one.  The modification isn't perfect, but the caption itself is so, so fun.  I love the sissy in denial idea, and this one fits the bill perfectly. 


  1. Great job on this one, I love the caption and I think you did great on the modification.

  2. I love this one Nikki! I'm still smiling, talk about denial! Great job, and the watermark is very nice, I like it.