Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feminization Article - Entertainment Weekly, The Feminizers

I recently did a caption about a Television Game show in which the participants were feminized.  You can find that caption HERE .   After a little thought, I kind of wanted to expand on that idea.  Mostly, I like the idea of  "men" competing to be as feminine as possible, but I also thought I could inject a little humanity into the story. 

After deciding to do it, I had to think of a way to present the idea.  Part of me wanted to do a simple text story, but I kind of wanted more than that.  I wanted to present pictures; I wanted readers to see these feminized boys.  And so, I settled on a caption story.  Then, in a fit of inspiration, I saw an issue of Entertainment Weekly (at the dentist's office), and I remembered my fake Time Magazine cover/articles.  Immediately, I knew how to present the idea.

I really enjoy doing these fake articles because it allows me to experiment with a different type of writing.  I know I'm not on the level of some of the better journalists out there, but I think my article is, at worst, passable (if you ignore typos).  I didn't spend as much time on formatting here as I did with the Time piece, but I don't think it really detracts from the effect.  In particular, I'm really proud of how the cover turned out. 

So I guess, without further ado, here's what I came up with.

Pictured from left to right:  Roy Higgins (season 1 contestant), Aaron Davis (season one contestant), Harriet Graham (creator and producer of The Feminizers), and Franky Richmond (season 3 contestant)

 Pictured from left to right:  Ken Fujita (season 2 winner) with his ex-wife and mentor Amanda Fujita

Pictured from left to right (first picture): Rachel Willis (mentor), Marty Thomas (season 3 runner-up), Adara Dressner (mentor), and Nicole Smith (mentor)

Second Picture:  A preview of the some of the season five contestants

Pcitured from left to right: Kristen Hayes (mentor) and Jesse Hayes (season 1 contestant)
Pictured from left to right: Jamie Hurst (season 1 winner) and Amelia Winston (mentor)

Pictured from left to right (first picture): Candice Payne (mentor), Adam Farris (season 3 contestant), and Veronica Chase (mentor)

Pictured from left to right (second picture): Shannon Thomas (mentor), Spring Robinson (mentor), and Timmy English (season 1 contestant)

Pictured from left to right: Bobby Mann (season 2 contestant), Tammy Dreyfus (mentor), and Dana Sanford (mentor)

I fully intended to put the name captions within the article, but I got a little lazy.  I hope it doesn't ruin anything for you all!


  1. Nikki,
    That was absolutely amazing! What a great story and such a wonderful job with the pictures. You should be proud and happy with your work!

  2. Where and when do I sign up for the next competition!!!!

  3. I'm saving this article to disk Nikki, it could end up being like the novel that was written about a super ship being sunk by an iceberg years before the Titanic. On a serious note, very thought provoking and very well done. Great job on this one.

  4. Loved the story and the premise of it being a magazine article. Thanks.