Sunday, June 3, 2012

Feminization Caption - Punishment

I thought I'd go ahead and acknowledge the fact that this blog has passed a million pageviews.  I never imagined that we'd get there so quickly (if at all), and I wanted to thank all of you who routinely visit, comment, and rate my work.  So thank you for making this blog as successful as it is.

Anyway, here's today's caption:

I've always kind of liked the idea of a boy being feminized and forced to live as a girl as a form of punishment (in lieu of suspension or corporal punishment).  I guess it's the notion that it would be quite fun to have seen some of the troublemakers from my own youth punished in such a fashion.  And then, there's the whole idea that maybe, just maybe, they'll like it.  Or, at the very least, they'll gain some insight.  I don't know - it's just a fun idea with a ton of possibilities.


  1. ooo a chance to be the school slut.... Then what could they do for punishment! HA! Maybe even set up a cam in the boys lockerroom.

  2. I always enjoy forced fem punishments. Judging by his outfit, Harry might have more penalties coming to him. I know girls wouldn't get away with wearing that at my old high school.

  3. Is it really punishment to live as a female? If so, about half of the world's population, biological females, live being punished for the way they were born. And of course, this is nonsense.

    Is it a punishment for a male to be transformed into a female? It depends, I would say. First of all, on his own judgement, and of course the way he sees females. If he thinks females are just worthless creatures, it will be punishment - but for good reason, as this view is just wrong. If he sees females as just different, with respect for them, and equally worthy compared to males, it will be confusing, but no punishment for him. The punishment will most probably come then from other males who see such transformation as degradation, because they have no real respect for females. Then, they should be "punished" in the sense I mentioned above by feminization.

    If a male sees females as superior creatures, a transformation for him is far from being a punishment, but instead a promotion. Then, she will act accordingly and probably not being rediculed as much, but treated with respect.

    Of course, the captions of this blog play with stereotypes of society's inglorious judgements. And I enjoy that myself absolutely. I do not know why this time, I just had that very serious thought about genders. Maybe it was triggered by the punishment aspect, and Harry being treated that mean after his transformation, though he earned it to be transformed to fit the crime, to get first-hand experience what it means to be a female in today's world, and even college-world. I think this will cure him, and set his view free to not be that judgementive any longer, nor being such macho.

    Sincerely, Roland

    PS.: Btw, the caption is really great, as the story accompanying it is.

  4. That's a great punishment for very bad behaviour-As you enjoyed peeping into the girls locker room, report there now and get into your pleated skirt, white socks and white canvas sneakers (which must be gleaming white and laced correctly of course) for your daily detention PT session..)