Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sissy Caption - A Little Weird

I am continuously amazed at how much these captions mean to many of you.  The comments and emails I get telling me how much you all appreciate my work is very much appreciated. 

When I write these captions, I always intend them to be just a bit of fluff, but most of the time, I get a little more in depth than I originally wanted to.  I can't help it; that's just how I write.  But rather than see those extra, superfluous details as unnecessary, you all actually appreciate them.  And that makes writing these captions so much more rewarding for me.  So I guess I'm just saying thank you for being fans, and making this little blog as successful as it is.

So without further ado, and with no more gushing about how awesome you all are, here's today's caption:


  1. wish i could find a pro photographer to do me

  2. Fabolously done, dear Nikki! I love this caption, it is just great! And what a cute boy you have chosen for it, with such hot pink hotpant! I wonder if I dream of him today... ;-)))