Monday, July 23, 2012

Feminization Caption - Commitment

In the past, I've run into a problem with the way I write.  Or maybe it's not necessarily my issue, but rather a perception thing. Let me explain.  In my mind, I make a clear distinction between the author and the characters in my stories.  Sure, there are elements of my personality in the majority of them, but, in the end, they are wholly different people.  Usually, that's not that huge of a long as the character has nice things to say or do.  However, when I write villains (as in the Omar Bell Universe), people have a hard time separating my views from that of an antagonist I created specifically to be evil (or wrong, etc.). 

Anyway, I wrote this caption from the perspective of a typical "These kids today," type of person.  I hope it doesn't turn any of you off.  Either way, I'm proud of the photo modification at least.


  1. I'm with you on this one Nikki, let's hope that somewhere deep inside in a place he doesn't want to look into, this is who he really wants to be.
    Great photo work by the way, it looks very good!

  2. Nikki, fantastic caption, coming with a very important message. Everyone just craves for being meaningful, important, accepted, adored and loved, but not everyone is ready to take the necessary serious steps for it. So some people just by confusion take strange routes that seem easier to achieve such, but just blow it up thereby. Hopefully, they all learn before there is any really serious damage done to anyone, including themselves, so they have the chance to become happy, with everyone involved being happy then, too!
    Sincerely, Roland