Sunday, July 15, 2012

Feminization Caption - I Love My Job

I haven't made a real post (with text) lately - just my typical caption-of-the-day thing.  I've been a little distracted over the last few weeks, so my ability to focus on this blog (and the accompanying correspondence) has been quite limited. 

However, I pride myself on responding to the fans of my work, so here I'm going to try to answer a few questions in one fell swoop.  I'm not going to assign names or anything to these questions, so if you've asked one recently, just skim through and find yours.  Here it goes:

1. I was asked recently about my other (non-erotica) work.  A couple of readers simply wanted to know what my other pen name is so that they could read said books.  As many of you probably already know, I have several novels already in print under a different name (in the science fiction and fantasy genres).  While I do greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of wanting to read more of my work (based on the samples here), I simply can not oblige this request for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I have one series of Young Adult novels on the market, and I can not risk alienating that segment of my fans by openly publishing erotica.  And second, my publisher would go absolutely crazy if this sort of work showed up under my "also by" line.  Regardless of what my personal life may be (open as I am), it just doesn't make sense to blur the genre lines. 

I know that this answer may not be the one you'd like to see, and I'm certain I'm not explaining it properly, but this is what it is.  I can't really change it.

2. I get a lot of requests - usually, they have to do with captioning real-life people (oftentimes, it is the requester who wants to be captioned).  While I appreciate the idea of people wanting to be a part of this little blog, I will not do it.  First, I have no idea that the pictures will be who the requester says they are.  I know it's cynical, but that could simply be a way of humiliating someone else, and I can't in good conscience be a party to that.  Second, I really, really enjoy finding that perfect picture and crafting the story around it.  It's the process of searching, finding, modifying (I like using real women because that's how I imagine the perfect sissy), and then writing that makes this rewarding for me.  In most cases, accepting a request is counteractive to my process. 

3. I have to do this every few weeks, but addressing text size comes with the territory, I guess.  If you can't read the caption, simply save the picture and view it in media viewer.  You can zoom in and out as you wish.  Until Blogger allows zooming in the browser, this is going to continue to be an issue.  I create these captions with a variety of parameters, and I do try to keep them visible to all, but I can't tell how they will show up on every single screen.  My goal is to create a coherent story that is balanced with the picture/layout and is readable.  My only gauge for the latter is my own screen.

Again, I know this is probably not the answer some of you want to hear, but I just don't have time to go back into each caption and re-size them.  Most of the time, the layout is the part that takes the longest, and altering that takes a while.  As much as I want my work to be easily accessible to everyone (I really do), I realized a while back - when I saw that nearly every caption gets at least 1 horrible vote - I can't please everyone.  Hopefully, you all can meet me halfway on the sizing issue.

4. I've been asked a few times what it is that attracts me to this particular genre.  My knee-jerk reaction is to say, "I don't know.  I just like what I like."  However, after a little introspection, I've come up with a couple of reasons; they aren't all-inclusive, and it will take a while to really pinpoint it.  But this is a start. I'd love to hear why you all gravitate toward this genre of erotica.

First, I'm attracted to most things that are considered taboo.  There's an element of danger to it, of breaking the mores of our culture (right or wrong though they may be) that pushes it to another level. 

Second, it is a fertile ground for fiction.  There are so many different ways a man (or boy) can react to feminization that I can literally take my stories in any direction I want.  Emotionally, I can validate any reaction.  And that sort of choice is fun for a writer.

Okay, so that's my little question and answer session for now. Thanks, as always, for being fans.  Without you, I wouldn't be devoting hours to creating these silly little picture stories.  They'd be in my head, of course, but I would have no motivation to share them.  So thank you for that.  Knowing that someone enjoys my work is extremely rewarding.

And with that, I'll leave you with today's caption:

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