Saturday, July 21, 2012

Feminization Caption - Monstrous Savior

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  1. Nikki, this is a fantastic caption, provoking many thoughts in me. Can a savior ever be a monster, given that there is no real alternative option for a real cure? Can such savior be a monster if he just fell in love with his "victim" who just loves him in return, doing so whole-heartedly thereby? Nevertheless, this therapy was not done for its side-effects primarily, that were unknown before anyway, but for giving another human the chance to enjoy his life for many more years. At least, this was the main goal when the experimental therapy started. Now, after the therapy was a full success with the cancer just destroyed, there may be side-effects - but at the same time much to the benefit of two human beings loving each other, giving each other joy. It is just the most optimal situation in my opinion, without any monster present in that story.
    Great work, dear Nikki!
    Sincerely, Roland