Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sissy Caption - My Side of the Story

I am particularly proud of this caption.  For one, the modification is one of the best I've ever done; it's subtle and hard to notice.  My goal is to make each one of these pictures well-blended enough that you (as the readers) have a hard time really seeing what's original and what's not.  That said, I think I really accomplished this quite well.  And then, there's the text itself.  I like the idea of someone struggling with the identity society thrusts upon them.  We've all seen society try to force manliness on boys who aren't masculine; why can't it go the other way?  So that's where this caption comes from.  I hope you all like it.


  1. Flawless! Great work on the photo and excellent telling of the tale from the other side!

  2. Nikki, great work, my congratulation!

    Your caption as well as your intro to it induced some philosophic thoughts in me though. Why is it that society forces masculinity on boys not in line with the blue-print of a male in their opinion? I think one very valid option is: to control them, and doing so in a very bad way. As society actually fears everything not in line with their official opinion and so-called standards. And the result of it clearly shows in your caption. At least, this is my opinion.

    Regards, Roland

  3. Lovely caption and lovely photo edits Nikki! The story is sad in a way that we rarely see in a TG/Sissy/Crossdressing caption, but that really makes it special.

  4. Miko is right the top and panties are so cute <3 but yes it is very sad and all of you transgender (I'm only using a blanket term because I don't want to list a 1000 things) I'm sure really connect with this even though some (such as me) were given the chance to find out for themselves who they are