Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Few Updates

I've been noticing that the blog's hits have increased quite a bit recently (averaging about 6500-7000 a day!), which means that we're likely seeing a lot of new visitors.  So, to make this site a little more user friendly, I made the following changes:

1. I updated the interracial caption archives.
2. I created an archive for this blog's captions.  Originally, I figured it was unnecessary, thinking that it wasn't that difficult to just cycle through the posts.  However, with hundreds of posts, that just isn't really optimal now.  So, I consolidated them into one location.
3.  I added a page listing some of my favorite fiction. 
4. I updated the Series archive.
5. I added a few new links to sites I think are worth looking into.

I hope this makes becoming a new fan a little easier.

I wanted to specifically mention a new site that's cropped up recently called TG Creations.  It's somewhat unique in that the author has taken to making video captions (as opposed to the static captions that are posted here and on hundreds of other blogs like mine).  I've tried my hand at video captioning, and I can tell you firt hand that it's incredibly time consuming.  So I have to recognize anyone who makes that sort of effort.  Anyway, the videos mimic the TG Tales style (and you can't really go wrong with that), but with much more explicit content. Anyway, I just wanted to make this update, and I hope you all give the site a shot. 

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