Saturday, September 15, 2012

And the Winner Is...

First, I just wanted to say that I was astounded by the participation in this contest.  There were almost 400 votes!  But the best part of it is that you all went in a completely different direction than I expected. 

Personally, my favorite modification was Leo Samuels, followed closely by Johnny Park.  They were both challenging enough that I had to spend a fair amount of time on them, but I think the results were absolutely fantastic.  They look nearly flawless. 

In terms of character, though, I think my favorite was Randal Starks.  I like the idea of boy trapped by his masculine profession who gets the chance to let loose and be feminine.  Although, I do think all of the characters have a lot of potential.  I think it's going to be a fun project to try to wrangle all of these different personalities into one cohesive story.

I guess there's nothing else left but to announce the winner.  These are the results:

1. With 69 votes, Joey Kennedy took the top spot.
2.  With 67 votes, Danny Grant was second.
3. With 57 votes, Ian Nicholas took third.
4.  With 56 votes, Andy Johnson took fourth.
5. With 48 votes, Leo Samuels took fifth.
6. With 30 votes, Tyler Lawson took sixth.
7. With 18 votes apiece, Randal Starks and Chris Phillips were tied for seventh.
8. With 13 votes, Johnny Park ended up last. 

Some of you  have already posted your reasons for choosing who you chose, but I'd love to hear more reasons from those of you who don't typically comment (regulars are, of course, welcome to elaborate!).  In addition, I'd love to hear critiques on the photo work, the stories, and the contest in general. 

I guess I can't say anything else but that this was a complete success so far.  The participation was far greater than I could have expected, and I appreciate all of your comments and votes.  As always, thanks for being fans, and I hope to do something else similar to this in the future.

So, I suppose I should get to writing Joey's story, then.


  1. I loved the entire series, honey !!
    And IMHO you did a fantastic job with the interview portions, plus the grafting-on of the "little soldiers" to the photos...very realistic.
    I can't wait to see how the story-line continues with the winning contestant. :-D

  2. Nikki, I think you can be very proud of yourself. Yes, this was a complete success. And I actually adore all work you put into it - as it really shows, with great results. I really loved that you succeeded to put some character into the contestants. All of them. Both with the pics and the interviews. Thereby you at least with me accomplished to get some kind of connection to them, empathizing with them, have some kind of emotion about them. For the ones I felt the strongest vibes about, I already commented. And my comments and voting regarded the characters you built, regardless of the high quality of your captions, which is excellent for all of them.

    In the end, it was a question of sympathy only for me to take my vote for Joey. I felt him to be quite different from the others in some ways. He appeared to me to be so very unsure, shy, uncertain what to do and if what he did was right. He seemed to me to be in the middle of a crisis himself thereby, although full of options what to do next. He did not parade his new self as the others did, he even radiates some kind of innocence, while some other contestants almost coldly calculated their benefits from their transformation. Joey on the other hand has no such perspective. Given his age and his circumstances, one even has to doubt if he was able to explore his sexuality before the transformation fully. He is still on his way to find out about himself, which is most fascinating for me, as it just leaves so many options for him to develop into. And he is in for a full new start, as basically everything he knew before is or has just gone, including his former wife. Him being a little rebellious is also a sign that he has so many open questions within himself, questing for answers, challenging everything to its limits for him to find out some truth for him behind those things, receptive for manipulation thereby as he has no fix personality yet, with much flexibility instead of having any set form yet.

    I am very much looking forward what story you will make from it, as this character just gives you so many options, including what kind of relationships he will try to build now.

    Best regards, Roland