Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Extinction of the Japanese Man

The Extinction of the Japanese Man
A Brief History
For centuries, Japanese culture had been dominated by very rigid gender roles which accentuated aggresive masculinity in men and submissive femininity in women.  But late in the twentieth century, that began to change.  Was the inevitible rejection of those gender roles a product of rebellion?  Or was it a response to a changing world?  Perhaps we'll never know. 
By the beginning of the twenty-first century, young Japanese men had begun to experiment with makeup, feminine hair styles, and traditionally feminine jewelry (such as earrings). 
A striking trend began to develop as well.  Many of these men, dubbed Herbivores men, began to lose interest in sex.  They were passive and non-competitive (almost to an extreme).  It was the beginning of the end of the Japanese man.
By 2020, young Japanese men had adopted many feminine accoutrements, such as long hair, makeup, and tight, revealing clothing.  Of course, their elders rejected the new trends. 

But in the bedroom is where masculinity is won or lost.  Disinterested in traditional sex, many Japanese men began to branch out (at the urging of wives and girlfriends).  It wasn't uncommon for toys to play a very significant role in many marraiges and other relationships.
As the years passed, the Japanese man sank further and further into femininity.  The once-vocal elders had given up the fight as hopeless.  They were old and tired.  And the boys seemed happy.  Who were they to judge? 
It wasn't just clothing (girlish though it was).  It was more than that; mannerisms, demeanor, and comportment had slowly but surely changed over the years. 
When did traditional vaginal intercourse become abnormal?  It's hard to pinpoint an exact time, but by 2030, seventy-four percent of men under thirty had never used their penis in that manner.  Instead, the average sexual encounter between a Japanese man and woman involved nothing so much as oral sex and the occasional sex toy.
By 2040, Japanese men had begun to devlop breasts.  Some admitted to surgery.  Others were honest about taking female hormones.  But some claimed to have devloped them naturally.  It wasn't terribly widespread, but it wasn't uncommon either. 
Even the athletes by this point had eschewed the traditional view of masculinity. 
As time passed, more and more Japanese men came of age knowing nothing but the current incarnation of manhood.  Soft.  Pretty.  Submissive. 
Of course, sex continued to evolve, and by 2052, ninety-two percent of all Japanese males under 40 considered anal stimulation more normal than penile stimulation.
Society expected them to be quiet and submissive, and they complied.  Did it matter that they had adopted it themselves rather than have it forced upon them?  Perhaps it made the societal pressures more potent, the cultural mores more rigid.
By 2059, though, a new movement had begun.  The Japanese male was unabashedly feminine, yes, but more and more young men had decided to take control.  He would take control.  He would get what he wanted.  He would be dominant.
The years of feminization had taken its toll, though.  The vast majority of Japanese males had never known anything else.  They knew of their culture's past, but to them, it was barely real.  And so, the rebellions attitude went in the other direction - hyper-femininity. 
By 2070, the Japanese man was gone.  In his place was the curvy, busty, uninhibited Japanese male. 
I love the idea of this alternate history simply because it's based in some level of reality.  Simply Google "Herbivores Japanese Men" and you will see that the beginning of this story is at least partially true.  Do I take it to an extreme?  Of course, but it is Japan - anything can happen there.


  1. Loved your alternate history. Too bad it could not be true for all cultures. What a better place Earth would be. By the way, any ID on the girl in the bottom photo?

  2. Great concept, I love it, dear Nikki!

  3. perfect little body on the girl in the black camisole!