Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to Put Your Bratty Brother In Bras

I've had a few requests lately, asking me to try my hand at a Girl-a-Matic guide. I've always loved the originals, so I decided to do it.  For those who would like to see my inspiration, you can find the original Girl-a-Matic HERE

Anyway, here's my attempt at a Girl-a-Matic guide...

A Subtle Push

In previous guides, we've advocated using matriarchal power to feminize your unruly step-son.  We've advised that you blackmail an egomaniacal boss to bend him to your will.  We've told you to use your fiance's devotion against him.  We've suggested that you use hypnosis against husbands.  But this is different.  The others were punishment.  This is for his own good.  So it has to be his choice.  

But there's nothing that says you can't influence him...

He Has to Need Your Help

You have to be prepared to manipulate him.  Sometimes, it will be subtle - a comment here or a look there - but other times, you have to push him into a decision.  And you'll need help.  Enlist one of your girlfriends to "break his heart."  

He Needs to Surrender

He will be hopeless.  You have to accept that, and be prepared for the inevitability that he'll make a fool of himself.  If you've done your job right (and if you've followed our more in-depth guide, you will have), he's equated popularity and self-worth with being like you.  But he'll do it wrong.  Be there to help him.  Be there to pick him up when he falls.

Always Be Prepared to Push His Doubts Aside

He will have doubts.  How could he not?  With the way his body is changing, and the way people are looking at him, he will feel awkward.  Be prepared to turn that doubt back on him.  Make it an issue of trust. 

When the Time Comes, Be Brutally Honest

You will tire of the charade, and you will snap.  But you have to pick your moment properly.  He has to be at his most feminine, his most vulnerable.  It can't come too early; the point of no return has to have been crossed.  

Public Appearances

There can be no gray area in his first public appearance.  No jeans.  No slacks.  He must be as feminine as he can be.  No one, including him, can associate him with masculinity.  

Make Him Say It

He must make his own decisions.  He needs to feel like he is in control; otherwise, no matter how much he changes, it will not stick.  Not the way you want it to, at least.  You want him to want men.  That's not hard to do; after all, you're feminizing him because you think that's his natural state.  But he has to comfortable with wanting them.  So he has to acknowledge it, mentally and verbally.

The Final Barrier
 He may or may not have put it all together - what he is.  He knows what he's done.  He is aware of the ways he's changed.  But he probably hasn't quite arrived at the collective reality of those changes.  You have to educate him.

Men Are Pigs

There are men, and then there is him.  He is not part of that group.  Nor will he ever be.  Drive the point home by forcing your brother's boyfriend to dump him.  It doesn't matter how you do it, but the boyfriend must be the bad guy.  It has to be brutal.  And you have to be there to comfort him.

Admire Your Hard Work

It's okay to gloat.  He's probably already figured out that you manipulated him, and that's okay.  You couldn't have done anything without his help.

Note that this guide is only intended for those of you who want a well-adjusted sissy brother.  For those who want a dominated, punished sibling, we suggest that you consult different guides.


I just want to say that I really, really enjoyed creating this homage to Girl-a-Matic.  I don't mean to offend original creator, but rather to flatter via imitation.  The original guides still stand as some of the best, most original (and artistically sound) works in this genre. 

I hope you all like my little addition to the Girl-a-Matic mythology.


  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for posting this!

  2. That is such a great story and visual I can't look at it enough. You are soo talented to make a person WANT to read the next one and the next and so on. I loved it Nikki. You ROCK!!

  3. This is great, you've got the look and tone of language down perfectly whilst still bringing your own touch.

    The coercion is a fun twist but i'd love to see one also that is just full force completely against the boys will kicking and squealing ;)

    any ideas for other guides?

    I thought maybe one for step moms who want to girl up their step sons so their biological sons move into position as the heir to a fortune

    thanks again

  4. An absolutely brilliant guide!

  5. Excellant work - you definately need to do another!! xx

  6. Excellent work!!! Hope you will continue and creates some more!!!