Saturday, November 17, 2012

College Changes a Boy - An Homage

I don't really recall if I mentioned it, but I recently read a story on Fictionmania named "College Changes a Boy," and I was very, very impressed.  In fact, I was impressed enough that I read all six (available) parts back to back.  It's told primarily from the perspective of Taylor, who idolizes his older brother (who is coming back from his first year of college).  The story picks up at the airport, where Taylor intends to pick up his older brother.  Taylor can't imagine that the studly idol who left could have changed at all.

I intend to create one of these little illustrations for each part of the story (as time permits - these things take forever to do from scratch).  Chirenon at Male Protection did an homage to this story as well, which you can find HERE .  That was my introduction to this wonderful author, and I hope to act in the same capacity for you all.    Again, you may find the first part of the story HERE.  You can find the author's Fictionmania page HERE

For those who care, this is my first attempt at creating a comic book style illustration (from scratch).  I hope it's as good as I think it is.


  1. You are soooo right that series was great. I find myself looking on her page to see if any new instalments were added. It did not seen an end, but the author may have run out of ideas. Just as the storyline began hinting at what had happened at college to put Nikki into this situation.
    Thanks for taking the time to add your take on the story.
    Looking forward to seeing your captions.

  2. Love the illustration .its def worth doing more.

  3. Ya love that story as well. Well written.

  4. This story was excellent, shame its unlikely to be seen through.

    Love your drawing looked forward to more.