Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Forced Feminization Caption - Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

I intended to post another installment in the illustrated story I'm working on, but the frame I was going to post isn't cooperating I'll get that out as soon as I finish it.


  1. Haha, I love this! I think this punishment would fit the crime for abusive men! Really I do. Put them in jail and feed them estrogen until that penis that they think with does not work anymore!

    1. >woman attacks man with frying pan
      >man is abuser

      Makes sense

  2. Nikki, I am unsure about this caption, and if I understand it. There is too little information about what really went on imo. Of course, domestic abuse is a most horrible thing, and I have no sympathy with anyone committing it. But in this case, it is simply unclear to me if such really happened from the text of the caption. He denies to have committed such to my understanding, but just defended himself from an attack with a frying pan, whatever motivated such attack, although he acted quite aggressively and thus maybe not proportionally, but without more information about the actual situation it is hard to judge for me. And as I am no native speaker, it may be due to the language barrier that I do not get it. Nevertheless, although the caption is just perfect, I yet do not know how to feel about it. If this male really was abusive, I fully agree that this treatment would be much more effective than any other regular procedure though, and I would like to see a re-education following it, to make him/her a useful member of society again, but preventing to let such abusive behaviour from his side ever happen again!

  3. Hi Nicki,

    I think this is a great story and love this site!! Here's my idea for a sequel.

    Soon after, Miss Turner, our warden came to see us. "You have been sent here because you oppressed and abused women. The courts have decided that domestic abusers and sex offenders will not be tolerated.You are now starting your very long sentences here at the Transformations Correctional and Re-Education centre where the punishment really does fit the crime .I hope you like your new bodies and identities -your macho , criminal thoughts will soon be as wiped out as firmly as your past lives!

    I was led off to the uniform room by two jeering and contemptful female guards who ordered me to wear the standard short pink dress with very unsfashionable plain white bra and panties together with white knee socks and black school type slip on canvas sneakers "oh very fetching" laughed" one of the guards as . "Now wear this" she added as , she handed me a badge with "Inmate Susan -Domestic Abuser" written on it. I hung my head in shame..

    I've now been here three months and I'm getting used to my new life. We spend our days doing domestic chores such as washing uniforms , scrubbing floors and sewing.In the evening it's time for our re-education classes Tonight's assignment was writing "I've learned to respect women the hard-e way" 5000 times in our best handwriting.My best friend here is Inmate Jenna, who once was a company director who abused his position by sexually harassing women who worked for him.We both agree that we've become much better people in here and are getting to like our new bodies too, although we realise that we'll never really fit in with women or men on the outside -perhaps it's better we are locked up here...