Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interracial Sissy Illustration - Fundamental Change

This one is in a slightly different style, and admittedly, I didn't spend as much time inking it.  So it looks a little different.  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to do hair, so bear with me on that.  Either way, the story continues...


  1. I think the drawing is great.its very easy to overwork things certainly with hair best keep it simple.

  2. I can only echo Ian Griffiths on everything said. Great caption!

  3. Yeah - I think I'm realizing that. However, I've done a few pieces with very complicated hair that turned out great. I think it's just a judgment call which I'm going to have to get used to. Either way, I think, with this particular piece, the figure wasn't so much my focus as the incorporation of an environment (and the layout of the figure in that environment). On that part, I believe I succeeded. On the figure, I think I need to work smarter (the "not trying too hard" thing). It's a fine line that's hard to walk. Thanks for the feedback thus far, though! I'm a cartoon artist in her infancy, so any tips, comments, compliments, or complaints go a long way toward making me a more complete artist.

  4. Your technique is really working out. The one major word of advice I want to give is this --- when you're going through all the effort to create a completely original drawing, you definitely should draw something that you couldn't otherwise find. For example, the descriptions of your fantasy characters in "A Hero Reborn" would include a lot of elements that can't be found just by taking a pre-existing image and captioning it.

    In the case of this particular drawing, while it's well done and sexy, I think you could probably find a photo that contains these elements. Or at least one with the girl/boy holding something that could be photoshopped to be the image of the black cock. For original drawings, it makes more economic sense to create something that is impossible to find.

  5. i loved it, but i really adore black cock so i am predisposed to love it.

  6. I think my dear friend Chirenon is very right on that drawings have the option to create something not possible to be found elsewhere. This might be the main advantage of any drawing or comic caption, and one capable of such creativity and art is a great artist for sure.

    Nevertheless, I want to add that in my opinion, even as some raw material for some caption might be found elsewhere, it is of high value to create a character due to one's own likings. There might be raw-material available for a single caption of one's liking, but it is harder or sometimes even impossible to find enough raw material for a consistant story, with the storyline not limited by the raw material thereby, but only limited by the fantasy and creativity of the maker and artist. So even when there is raw material for every single scene, it might not be from the same source, showing different people, with huge efforts to photoshop it to turn out well and consistent for best effect. By drawing it, with the same style for the protagonists, this problem is solved, even if the themes of any single caption of it might be well-known. It is the combination of them to make a story that then is best when it is coherent, with the protagonists staying the same for all readers to recognize. If such can be achieved from available raw-material, it is more economic to use such, just as my dear friend Chirenon stated. However, a consistent story to the likings of its creator, not possible to produce from available raw material, is also qualifying for being drawn as comic in this respect imo, to achieve coherency. Plus original and personal drawings might add a charme to them not so easy to produce from available raw material, as they have a most personal touch.

    Balancing the efforts is of course another aspect that is most important regarding such story. I really would dislike to see you, Nikki, exhausted by trying to create drawings that take too much time for you to be satisfied with, even if I enjoy them. But even if you are most careful about them, I doubt that you cross your limits and act careless about it for producing such great drawings.

    Keep up your good work, Nikki!