Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transformation Caption - The Discovery

There were a lot of routes to go with this caption, and I originally was going to go in a completely different direction.  But I've been doing a lot of "forced feminization" captions lately, and I figured it was a good time to make one in which the protagonist chooses his own path.

Something worth mentioning.  This blog has been flirting with ten thousand page views (in a single day) for a few weeks now, but until yesterday, we hadn't passed that milestone.  I'm not sure how many unique visitors we get each day, but I consider it highly impressive that we've crossed the ten thousand page view mark. 


  1. I wish I could have breasts as lovely as hers. *sighs*

  2. Great cap as always Nikki and congratulations on passing the 10,000 a day mark!! Your great work is what did it and it deserves to be seen by even more.