Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sissy Caption - Life Changing Moment

This caption wasn't intended to take this direction.  When I started modifying the photograph, I had a completely different idea in mind.  But when I sat down to actually write the caption, it turned into a sort of introspective piece about whether or not we ever really have a choice in what sort of person we become.  I'm really, really proud of this particular modification.  It really works well.  Hope you like it.

I've often wondered (and a few of my stories have hit on this theme) if our society sometimes forces a certain sexual orientation on people who act a certain way (or vice versa).  Just because a boy is effeminate, much of the time, we assume that he is gay.  And just because he is gay, we assume he will be effeminate (it works with macho girls and lesbians as well).  We've all seen it.  Some of us have even been the subject of those assumptions.  Friends and tormentors alike are programmed by our society to pair the way we carry ourselves with a perceived sexual orientation.  So, the subject of my musing is whether or not some people simply go with it, regardless of how they truly feel.  I'm a firm believer that our sexual orientation is dictated by genetics, but I also know that it's far, far more complicated than that.  There is an element of environmental factors that shapes us, but I wonder just how much of an influence they really have.

I know this isn't necessarily what this blog has been built upon, and many of you don't care about these sorts of thoughts.  But I just felt like rambling today, so this is the product of that desire.  Either way, I hope you enjoy today's caption.


  1. the modification was flawless and the story was so so sooo hot. Perfection

  2. Nikki, fabulous caption, and also most inspiring thoughts.

    Yes, it may well be that one's basic sexual orientation might be dictated by genetic background to some degree. As far as I know, there is certain scientific evidence about that. And if such person then is happy with that, not having conflicting circumstances and making satisfying experiences sex-wise by being straight, it is fully ok and even necessary for survival of our species. However, there is even some scientific evidence that during development of a fetus, such orientation might be already influenced by the hormone levels of the pregnant mother. Also the circumstances of growing up as a child might affect sexual orientation. Statistics show that a boy growing up with older brothers is more likely to be attracted by and towards men sexually later as an adult. One starts to get attracted to what one is exposed to daily, as it seems. Sexual experiences as an adult may also play a role, as well as other circumstances. If sex life as heterosexual man keeps being unsatisfying, there will be at least the try for searching for an alternative, to make such sex life more satisfying. Most men will start to stray and seek for other women, and other males will try different approaches. And the fact that it more or less still is a taboo for society to be gay or even a sissy, plus the conflict with the basic orientation as dictated by genetic background, might even enhance on the thrill and arousal of having sex with a man as a male. For a gay top, the thrill of subduing another male, even against the bottom's basic orientation, might play a role also, but I am unsure about this.

    However, I came to the conclusion that there rarely is a human being 100% straight from birth. As you pointed out, society's norms force everyone to act like being 100% straight, inducing fears about even trying else, which might even backfire. If everyone would be happy about that, then there would be no problem. But as can be seen easily in reality, a lot of people are just more or less unhappy about such. While not denying basic sexual orientation, adding more tolerance would be very healthy, making any society stronger. Just as no society can avoid more or less hitting circumstances for each and every individual, leading him or her to try something else. And if he or she is happy about an alternative, I thus see no basis for society to be judgmental about it. The issue is: with society sticking to the norm of straight human beings exclusively, viewing it as kind of fundamental law of nature thereby, not in line with scientific findings though, someone choosing any alternative to it will confuse society immensely, leading to insecurity about everyone else's lifestyle, and fear, thus being a threat to such society. This fear is in a way de-masking the members of such society: if every member would be just sure about one's own sexuality, why they have to fear then? I think the fear comes from not being so very sure about being 100% straight deep inside emotionally. Exposure to gays or lesbians or sissies might challenge them more than they would ever admit - so fighting it as being unnatural is a desperate but logical consequence then to regain their security about their own sexuality again. I think ancient Greeks were more advanced in this regard than any so-called modern society – though I am happy to live today.

    Many thanks for your most interesting and inspiring thoughts, Nikki, I welcome them very much.

    Regards, Roland

  3. There are scientific correlations made with human "orientations", but they are quite consistently crude. Disregarding the notion of presupposed substantially innate orientations, it seems that the things of varying predominance that sexually arouse us are constructed and sexually "imprinted", up until around 20 years of life. This can account for both the "unusual" things that people are aroused by, and what seems to be a evolutionary proliferation of "imprints" passing on from parents to children often by virtue of being beneficial for survival.