Friday, January 4, 2013

Interracial Captions

For those few of who are interested, here are the new interracial captions (with commentary) I just posted to

I've always liked the idea of revenge gone wrong, and this one certainly fits that bill.  All I did with this picture was remove a few tattoos and extend the scene a bit.  Either way, it looks nice.

This picture was absolute amazing, even before I added my little touches.  I contemplated just cutting it off at the waist, but I decided to go ahead and add that little something extra!  I also flattened the chest a bit.  Turned out quite well, when everything was said and done.

One of the things I learned very quickly when I first started playing with photo modification was how to turn convert vaginal intercourse to anal sex.  This one wasn't the best job I've ever done, but it's also not the worst.  How well the picture fits with the caption sort of makes up for it, though.

Almost flawless picture.  It's hard to even see what I did to it (of course, added the penis and removed the breasts).  The caption is such a fun concept, and it even has a little mystery to it.  That makes it one of my favorites of this batch.

I had to think for quite a while to come up with this caption, but once I did, it really flowed.  No modification (other than an extension of the background for the layout).

I love the idea behind this caption.  The background was a little difficult, but it turned out pretty well.

Everyone loves a good orgy.  You have to look pretty close, but this picture actually had some pretty heavy modification (most completely painted rather than piecing together parts from other photos).

Longtime fans of this blog will likely recognize the background picture here.  I used it in a GIF I created a while back.  This caption is one of my favorite concepts.

Love this entire caption.  The layout is what I'm most proud of, but the picture is quite good (given the heavy modification).  And we all love redheads!

This picture had actually been sitting on my hard drive for months, and I just couldn't figure out a caption for it.  The one I came up with is a not-so-subtle jab at certain reality television "stars."

Sometimes, the best photo modifications are really, really subtle.  It's only a slight bulge, but I'm very proud of how realistic it looks.  Plus, this model's breasts are fantastic. So that helps.

Ah, another model with beautiful breasts.  I love this picture because it practically tells a story on its own.  But I went ahead and put to words what I think that story was.

I love this design so much.  Everything about it so soft.  The modification turned out well (though not as well as I'd hoped) given the sheer amount needed (hint: this model started out with wonderful breasts too).  

Subtlety strikes again!

Love this layout.  I don't usually get this creative with them, but with this one, it just sort of fit.

I love the implication that all white boys can be that beautiful if only they accept that they want to be.

Not my favorite picture, but it fits pretty well with the caption.  

Probably my favorite picture in this bunch because there was really, really heavy modification in the chest area.  The caption is fun too, because I'm originally from the south (and I know perfectly well how backwards it can be).

I'm probably recycling a concept here, but I think it's a fun idea.

That look of wonder and could I not caption this picture?

I love to see boys in denial about what they are.  

I think the strength of this caption is the layout.  It's not complicated, but it works really, really well.

Sometimes, I have to stop myself from writing all of my captions as dialogue.  It's so easy, and it forces the reader to step into the character's shoes.  

You all know how much I like world-building.  And let's be honest - wouldn't it be a fun world to live in?

Such a naive boy.  I suppose that the "workout" does burn calories, though.

I remember reading a review of my first Omar Bell story just after I had posted it to Fictionmania that actually inspired this site.  I'm paraphrasing here, but basically, the gist was that they loved my story, but hated the interracial aspect of it.  That particular reader just couldn't get past it.  At first, I was angry (I generally don't take criticism all that well, despite what I may say), but after a little thought, I realized that I was limiting my audience by writing that sort of story.  So the idea for this blog started to develop. 

I guess the point is that I know these captions aren't for everyone.  I'm just really proud of a few of them, and I figured I would share them with this audience.  Either way, I hope you can enjoy some aspect of them, regardless of what your particular fetish may be.


  1. I love your interracial work, and the entire concept behind the OBU. The wider societal changes appeal to more than one-off revenge stories.

  2. I think these ppl critisising you need to relize these are all fantasy..
    In my opinion you may be the best captioner on the internet
    really love your work,thank you for what you do for us

    on a different note:
    (the way you can manipulate pictures so well,I would to see a pussified men captions,no one has went this route yet,except maleprotection has tried a little..)
    thanks again

  3. At the moment I'm absolutely loving the "I'm not gay" narratives!

  4. The Interracial/Omar Bell captions are SO MUCH BETTER than the other captions, to be honest... I wish you would do more of these.

    Unlike "wxhluyp", I don't really care for the "I'm not gay" narratives

  5. 1zaza1:

    That's actually why I started writing the OBU stories. The interracial stuff was sort of secondary to my desire to create a world with a different culture/gender roles. I actually have a pretty fun idea in the works for a caption story that fits into that category. The only drawback is that it takes quite a lot of work.

    Dawg Warner:

    Oh, I think they realize that it's fantasy. They just attribute more legitimacy to their own particular kink than one they consider "wrong" (like racially motivated feminization). As to the pussified men - I've considered using something like that for a gender role reversal story. It still could be coming! And thank you for the compliment. I do try to create quality work.


    I hope so! Your captions actually inspired that particular set of captions.


    I'm glad you enjoy my OBU captions! I generally do the generic interracial captions in lieu of the OBU stuff, but I may create a set of OBU captions sometime in the near future. The big problem with that is that, because of the nature of the changes in the OBU, the pictures require really heavy modification (which takes a lot of time).

  6. Nikki, just understand that with every topic you choose, you limit your audience. It is simply impossible to please each and everyone by your postings - just regardless as fantastic as they may seem.

    It is hard to accept criticism. Especially if against the concept itself, and not the artistic format of it. But criticism against any concept is just futile and useless, as it does not lead to better artwork nor inspiration. People cricizising a concept would better spare their time to just move on, searching for what their minds are nutrured better than critizising any artist for their main theme. Imo, it is a shame for them to spend their time writing bad critics, trying to turn a most insired artist down on what he is doing. These people are themselves poor and pitiable. You should feel very sorry for them, instead of limiting yourself by their poor judgement!

    Your ideas and artwork is great, and I do not want to see you restricting yourself by other people's judgment, people who are ignorant and themselves very poor and frightened. You provide most inspirational artwork, and you have a large community of fans. Of course, there will be some individuals who want to discourage you for what you are doing. You cannot please everyone, and the people disliking what you do should better just disappear than discourage you - unless they have anything better to offer, which I doubt.

    Nikki, just go on with your doings. Do not worry so much. Just keep up with your great work, be it OBU or else. You are doing fantastic!

  7. Thanks again Nikki
    you really have great talent (a little envious):)

    I love your work so much i used to check captions once a month on the net
    your site has me wanting to log in every night to see what is new

    I hope nothing ever happens to your site as it is by far my favorite
    while most of my other favs have closed,like crystals story site,steffie marie caps and tg tales on you tube,
    seeing the silver lining by finding great writers on here like your self that does not charge us...
    is very generous
    just so you know not all of us take you for granted
    if you ever need anything
    just ask