Saturday, January 19, 2013

Looking Back

I wanted to thank all of you who voted in the most recent poll.  I'll admit that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when the vast majority of people consider this blog's content among the best of its kind.  I'm constantly thankful that I live in a time where I can (with enough time and effort) show others what's going on in my fantasies.  I'm also thankful that there are quite a few of you out there who enjoy the same sort of things I do; it makes me feel a little less out there.  And finally, I'm very appreciative of the fact that I have this creative outlet.  While writing is my (real world) job, creating these captions provides me with the opportunity for a different sort of artistic expression.  All of you who come here on a regular basis - thank you for giving me the drive to keep doing it.  It just wouldn't feel the same without an audience.

I think that my work has come a long, long way since that first caption, created for the Omar Bell Universe in March 2011.

I cringe a little when I look at it now.  I remember that when I got finished, though, that I was very, very pleased with it.  Part of it, I think, was the novelty of it all.  I was finally able to create something that showed exactly what I was describing in my stories.  That said, it was a starting point, I suppose.  I wouldn't be where I am today (ability-wise) without that first modified picture.

Contrast that with the work I'm doing now - another bonus forced feminization caption for the day (entitled "Daddy")!

I think it's safe to say that I've gotten a lot better.  However, I'm still learning new things every time I modify a picture.  So hopefully, I'll continue to get better, and in another year or so, I'll look back at this one, and say, "I've cone a long, long way since then."


  1. I've been pleased to follow your photomanipulation / captioning career from the beginning. You've really honed your skills over the past couple years and you're right to be proud of your improvement.

    As you mention, at the beginning you weren't always using good source material --- as you know now, you need better resolution originals. Also, your early images relied on hand painting, which made achieving photorealism difficult.

    The splicing you're now doing is often seamless and you're doing a great job matching hue, contrast, and the like. I especially appreciate your new efforts to create "before" images that help conjure the feeling of a real transformation. These are especially difficult to do, so I applaud you for going down this path.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. My skills are ever-evolving, I think. I've actually started to truly combine painting and splicing to get a more realistic result - especially when it comes to shadows and highlights. As to the "before" images...those things can be really, really tough, but I think trying to branch into that has better acquainted me with Photoshop in general. I've learned more in the past couple of months than I had in the previous year.