Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Feminization Caption - The Cruelty of Love

From a style point of view, this is one of my favorite captions.  The layout, the color, the font, the source image...everything works so well together.  And I like the idea behind the story.  Sacrifice for love is such a universal concept, and I like using it in the framework of a willing feminization caption. 


  1. I can easily see why this would be one of your favorites Nikki. It's lovely and everything works together to make a beautiful cap with a beautiful story.

    1. It's amazing what a little color and lighting can do to how dramatic a picture can be. Originally, this picture wasn't anything really special - it had potential, but it was just typical porn (not much creativity in that field). I almost posted it without changing the lighting because of how much it obscured the penis. But my artistic side won out, and I had some fun with it.

  2. Fantastic caption, Nikki! When I read the first few words of it, it immediately reminded me of this song:
    and I heard the melody in my head all the while watching and reading this caption!