Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forced Feminiation Caption - Escape


  1. The image is great...
    At first glance it looks like two women holding hands,, Then you look closer and see their little clitty cocks.

  2. Yeah. I only wish it would have been a higher resolution image to begin with. I usually don't like to modify low-quality pictures, but this one was just a perfect composition for a caption. I just had to use it.

  3. Nikki, great and inspiring caption. However, it made me wonder: if their escape was a success, will they ever regret it later? Even if their escape is a success, they already are so very aware of their lack of perspective. But who knows, maybe they will find a way after getting free again, as they just leave the prison of the island with seemingly nothing to offer to them behind. But they cannot escape from what they became in the meantime, so I wish them much luck and a long and prosper life!