Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gender Role Reversal Caption - Pool Party

I was extremely proud of this photo's modification.  I've sort of shied away from really doing chests recently because, quite frankly, they take a long time to get right.  That said, I've recently developed a new technique  which I think will make the process quite a bit quicker.

This model wasn't particularly chesty to begin with, but they were there all the same.  I think this is one of my better modifications (when you factor just how much the photograph was changed) And I think the results speak for themselves.

As to the story, I love this idea because it's little more natural gender role reversal (than when we go all out with breasts and everything).  Hope you all like it.


  1. Nikki, you have all reason to be proud of this caption - it is fantastic! And I adore your new technique! I really like how confident she is. She really enjoys her life now to its fullest. And this is just great!

  2. It's always fun to show the "happy" sissies.