Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transformation Caption - Then And Now


  1. Great caption, Nikki! I especially liked the backfire aspect of artificially enhanced masculinity in it! Personally, I cannot stand the use of "supplements" in real-life to boost strength, physical appearance, endurance and virility way beyond natural limits without the actual necessary efforts, even without being fully aware of the high risks coming from doing so in most cases, but just totally focussed on the artificially gained advantages. It is just not good trying to cheat on nature, even if nature itself seems to be unfair in some cases. But it is how one copes with it that makes life interesting and worth living.

    I am most amazed by your pic showing the transformed male. Technically, it looks flawless to me. And I like how she now still radiates confidence and happiness, even after facing such quite radical transformation. I think she will succeed in arranging with her new life now, even when regretting about her mistake on trying to cheat on nature. And yes, such event is most likely to change a lot, and, as I hope, for the better!

  2. In most cases, I agree with your dislike of using performance enhancers to cheat nature. However, no supplement can replace hard work. Even those people who choose to enhance themselves like that have to work very hard to attain results. So, I have kind of mixed emotions about that. It makes for a nice hook, though, to it backfire and do the exact opposite.

    As to the picture, this one actually came together a lot more easily than some of my previous attempts. I think it had a lot to do with a new technique I'm using to make the textures more compatible. I'm still learning with this, so it's nice to hear compliments. So thanks for that.