Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gender Role Reversal Caption - Sad Eyes

I spent more time than I care to admit on the modification of this photograph.  When I downloaded the picture, I had a clear idea for what I wanted to do with it.  However, when I went to remove the breasts, I realized that if I wanted to do it, I'd have to paint the pillar/sculpture in the background myself.  Usually, I just take a pattern from the background, and slide it behind.  With this, though, that just wasn't possible (too many variations in color and texture).  So, I spent way too much time fixing something that most people won't even notice.  Either way, I think it turned out well; it ended up exactly like the picture I saw in my head. 

I also love this story because it sort of flips things around.  It really highlights the fact that, no matter what society wants us to be, there will always be people who just don't fit that mold. 


  1. "... While Carl was conflicted at the possibility of being seen as a role-model by some of the guys who might see this pictorial spread, (since he did not want to inspire others to pursue a course which he felt to be his own failure), he could not help getting an erection when the photographer spoke of the buff amazons who would be sure to frig themselves silly fantasizing about having their way with his soft, sexy body. ..."
    {just 'thinking aloud'}

    Ah, your construction of the background pillar explains why its look is cleaner and less weathered than the one in the foreground. I might have opted to copy a portion of the one 'he' is posing on and using some scalar or perspective changes to create the background.

    Having read the caption before your introduction, I did notice the incongruity of the two sculptures, but don't get me wrong, the one you created from scratch is an amazing and impressive piece of work!!


    1. I could probably have done a texture pass on the column, but, if I'm honest, I was just tired of working on it. The original bits and pieces I worked from (which were mostly hidden behind the model's breasts)were a lot smoother than the one in the foreground, so it's not quite as far off as that might lead you to believe.

    2. I certainly understand, Nikki. Some of the few manips I have done became quite tedious after a while, and just reach a point of 'enough is enough'.

      And just to reiterate; This is a beautiful piece of work in both story and composite! If I ever build the gumption to try a manipulation which requires filling a 'void' in the background, don't be surprised if I ask you for some tips... and speaking if tips; If you're not doing anything with the ones you 'removed' from this model, I'd sure love to try them on!! ;)


  2. Great cap Nikki! The story is really good, along with the layout. But I think you did a really spectacular job with the photo manip. I actually read your write up before looking at the cap, but I don't think I would have noticed the difference if I hadn't. While it doesn't match the weathered column she's leaning up against, it does match the smoother look of the column above her arm. I think the majority of people wouldn't see that manipulation unless pointed out. It's just hard to beat the keen eyes of Elle!

    1. In general, people don't really notice the background unless it stands out. My goal with this was to mimic the pattern so that it didn't draw the reader's eye. I wanted the entire focus on the model's fantastic body, and I spent quite a lot of time flattening her chest area (she was originally quite large-breasted).