Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sissy Caption - For a Few Dollars More


  1. Talk about money burning a hole in your pocket. This guy adds fetish to the burning and moral compass to the question. Nice!! Love ya Nikki.

  2. I had this picture sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks before I started writing this caption. It turned out well, though.

  3. Dear Nikki, This is the creative imagery that I find fascinating. That's why I invited you to select any of the slender models on my in order to create more of these truly insightful images. I've not seen ever before your technique of creating slender TS girls with exquisitely tiny and feminine genitals as you've done here. You're creation of edgy situations becomes ever more effective when using such images. You're truly brilliant.

    XOXO <3 Lita

    1. Thank you. This model wasn't exactly flat-chested to begin with, though. It took quite a lot of work to modify the chest. Still, it's always much easier to do this when the models are slim.