Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sissy Caption - Bright Spot


  1. Nikki... I don't know where else to ask this...

    How much of a donation would I have to make for you to start making Omar Bell captions again?

    1. I've actually been preparing some pictures to revisit some Omar bell stuff. I'm not certain if I'll end up just making them into interracial captions, or if I'll write them as OBU captions. I might do a little bit of both. Either way, I have about fifty pictures that are already framed/modified, and I'm just waiting on having enough time to write the captions. It's kind of hard to maintain my post-a-day pace here while working on other side projects (like a couple of long caption stories or interracial stuff). I do have to work my day job from time to time after all. However, bear with me. I will have some stuff posted that fits into that interracial sissy niche at some point in the near future.