Sunday, June 16, 2013

Caught Sissy Caption - Hiding the Obvious


  1. Great caption, Nikki - especially since it is so very twisted. So why should any sissy gurl just want to even try to hide the obvious. Especially since the attraction of her is so obvious, with a neighbour just so hot for her. Is it fear of herself, or is it fear of possible consequences? Regarding the consequences, she could indeed start to love this Lifestyle, and rather be liberated instead of threatened. But of course, as the future might be unclear still, it could diminish the inevitabel experience to come now - which is a shame, as such experience is just the most logical consequence of her actual cravings, instead of just living a life of lying and pretending and hiding. "Life's not worth a damn until you can shout out: I am what I am!!!!"

    1. If only everyone could find the courage to accept people who openly display their true selves to the world.