Monday, June 3, 2013

Sissy Caption - Just Another Guy

I am very, very proud of this one's modifications.  It was very heavily modified, but unless you zoom way in, you can't really tell.  Hope you guys like this one!


  1. Great yet twisted caption, inspiring me a lot, Nikki!

    So what defines a male guy, and what defines a naive sissy, unaware of her actual needs? Does the need to feel pretty makes a guy a gay or a sissy? Not necessarily - but it is all common judgement, due to societies rules. If any male just rebels against it, he might have no chance but be misjudged.

    However, where is the limit or border? And from where on is the guy himself just wrong about himself, unable to admit about his true nature? Hard to judge in an environment where gender borders are just merging and not being detectable nor specific any more.

    So maybe the shown person would just dive in to be a full-fledged sissy if guided by the right person - or he would just refrain from wearing pretty clothes again after a miserable experience, not to be misjudged ever again.

    However, clothing is indeed a measure to express oneself. And the pretty yet feminine clothing might be a sign or hint how the one wearing it really feels, even if he denies it. It may be unconscious yet inavoidable. However, he seems to need to find his balance, even if he will find out that his feminine side is much stronger than her masculine side. And she might get help from outside for that.

    Many thanks, Nikki, for this great and inspiring caption!

  2. "it's not altogether unpleasant"

    I love that sexy little hint! ;)