Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Feminization Caption - Masculinity Lost


  1. Congrats, sissy! Wonderful caption. The look on the other girl's face is wonderful. Is she happy for the sissy? Or is she relishing his submission? Or both?

  2. I am a sissy but I don't feel the need to wear nappies or little girl dresses. I don't want a 'mistress' nor do I have the slightest desire for humiliation public or private. I don't regret my 'manhood' either. Sissies you can't desire femininity and lament about nobody seeing you as a man anymore. A sissy like me would be genuinely upset if anyone saw them as men. I am not a man but I don't write this to get a sexual thrill from a feeling of being degraded by the thought of not being a man as many pathetic sissies clearly do.
    Too many captions here show a decidedly male mind at work. There is far too much emphasis upon intercourse and treating the person on the receiving end as being degraded by the act and 'reduced' to the status of mere female.
    Sissies like me don't see being female and/or feminine as being a state much inferior to men as the author of this blog and many readers surely do. It is wonderful to embrace femininity, but drop all the silly things like diapers and femdom and especially drop the idea of women and feminine males as being nothing more that living breathing two-dimensional sex toys for men.

    1. First, I've only done one caption (actually a frame within a caption story where it was explained away as a costume) using "nappies or little girl dresses." Or, at least, that's all I can remember offhand. And very rarely do I write captions or stories with rigid titles or roles (such as a master or mistress). Many captions deal with domination and submission, but that's a different sort of kink altogether. Beyond that, I don't disagree with anything you've said.

      There IS an emphasis on intercourse and humiliation in quite a few of my stories. There IS an element of degradation at being viewed as female in some of them. But that's because this is a blog which focuses on FORCED feminization (meaning that these characters never asked for this). That's not to say that they don't eventually accept femininity; in many of these stories, they do. But that has less to do with logic or reality than it is a function of my desire for a happy ending.

      I think the issue is that this is a fetish porn blog (at its core) which sometimes tries to aspire to a little more - with varying degrees of success, depending on your point of view. I don't claim that it's anything more than an artistic outlet (and sometime writing exercise) which focuses on a fetish (forced feminization) I find interesting and arousing.

      At the end of the day, this is all pure fantasy. None of the models are really male. None of the stories are based on anything even remotely real. They are meant to arouse a subset of people who enjoy the very things you cite as issues to be "fixed."

      So I challenge you to look a little closer, and maybe open your mind a little. Not everyone has the same kink. Learn to accept that others may enjoy the very things you find so silly. Or don't. Either way, I run this blog because I enjoy it. I don't see myself changing it anytime soon, especially given the fact that so many people seem to be quite pleased with my work. I don't think it's perfect by any stretch - I actually agree that the majority of my characters are two-dimensional (but it's extremely hard to paint a realistic portrait with only a few paragraphs).

      So I guess I'm saying that I'm sorry that you don't enjoy my work. I wish you did. But it seems clear to me that you simply want this blog to be something that it's not (or intended to be). Accept it for what it is or ignore it.