Thursday, October 3, 2013

Forced Feminization Caption Story - A Tale of Two Sissies

I've had this caption story prepped for quite a while.  That means that I'd finished modifying and framing the pictures; I only lacked the actual story.  Writing a story like this takes a while simply because of its length.  At almost 50 frames, this is easily my longest caption story.  I certainly didn't intend for it to be this long, but I kept finding pictures I liked, so the story kept growing.  I still didn't get to use all of the pictures I wanted to, either.

That said, this is a unique story because it involves two different transformations (hence the name - it has no more literary meaning than that).  I'm quite proud of some of the modifications here, so I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

A Tale of Two Sissies

I know the ending is a little ambiguous, but that's by design.  Maybe there's a sequel somewhere in the future...


  1. Love the story
    How we seem to fall in love with things that we create. Even if we create them for
    The wrong reasons
    Great post

  2. I really liked this story. Erotic, some plot, good pictures, cute little clits. Thanks for creating and posting.

  3. Who is the brunette?