Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feminization Caption - Christmas Toy

Happy Holidays

I generally don't do holiday-themed captions, but when I found this picture, I couldn't resist.  Rather than create a story around it, I'll just let you all put your imaginations to work.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

TG Caption - Deepest, Darkest Doubts

I wrote this caption last night after watching a film called "Her."  The film depicts a relationship between a man (Joaquin Phoenix) and an advanced artificial intelligence voiced by Scarlett Johansen. While the caption has nothing to do with the film itself (which was very good), it did provoke the thread of thought which prompted it. 

I found myself wondering if any of us ever really let loose, and allow ourselves to venture out from our little mental fortresses.  Are we ever truly ourselves, even with those we love? 

I don't know anyone secure enough to allow that to happen.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feminization Caption Story - Me, Manipulated

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

College Changes a Boy - Summer's Over

I've mentioned a few times how much I like the series College Changes a Boy by Taylor Jordan.  I don't know what it is, but there's just something about it that pushes all of the right buttons for me.  Because I'm a fan, I decided to make a couple of tribute pieces for the stories - HERE and HERE - that were met with largely positive reactions.  Even the story's original author liked the last one.

Sadly, though, the story hasn't been updated in quite a while.  Taylor, it seems, has been dealing with some real life time constraints, so the story hasn't had a new installment in almost two years.  Because I love the premise, I decided to write my own addition to the story.

I know it might be crossing the line, toying with someone else's story, but I couldn't help myself.  So Taylor, if this offends you, I'll take it down.  All you have to do is let me know, and it's gone. Hopefully, you'll see it for what it is - a tribute to the work you've already done.

So I guess without further ado, here it is:

College Changes a Boy: Summer's Over

I don't understand it.  I just don't.  Nick was my hero.  I mean - back in high school, he was everything I ever wanted to be.   A star athlete (granted, big fish in a little pond, but still...) and popular with basically everyone, Nick was the epitome of a "big man on campus."  And I wanted to be just like him.

I was well on my way, too.  Look - I don't mean to brag or anything, but even as a sophomore, anyone could see that I was going to be just as successful of an athlete as him.  I played pretty much every sport, but increasingly, I'd been focusing on baseball.  Coach King even told me that I was on the right track to play in college - maybe even in the pros, if I kept working hard.   And back then, I definitely believed him.  In my eyes, I could do nothing wrong.

But back to Nick.  He was the source of it all, if I'm honest.  I wanted to be like him so much that it drove me to success.  Sure, I had talent, but that wasn't enough.  I worked so hard to try to emulate him that it manifested itself in an extremely disciplined work ethic that set me up for constant improvement on the baseball diamond. 

When he went off to college - all the way to California to UCLA - I was devastated.  I knew it was coming, but I don't know - it just hit me pretty hard when he left.  We were about as close as two brothers could be, so his departure left a pretty sizable hole in my life.  To fill it, I rededicated myself to my game.  It worked for a while, but there was still something missing, and if I really got down to it, I knew it was Nick.

I guess I comforted myself knowing that he was no doubt ruling the campus.  He'd joined a fraternity, so I knew it was only a matter of time before he became just as big of a deal there as he was here.  Whatever the case, I was absolutely ecstatic when, after over nine months, he was on his way home for the summer. 

There was a part of me that wondered if we would pick things up where we left off or if he would suddenly be "too cool" for his little brother.  Still - as I walked through the airport to pick him up, I was extraordinarily excited to see him.

Nick when he first came home from college...

I didn't even recognize him.  I know I should have, but...he just looked so different.  I'm not stupid, okay?  I knew what I was looking at, even then.  But I was blinded by the fact that my brother had finally come home. 

Sure, he'd lost a lot of weight, but that kind of thing happens at college, right?  And yeah, his clothes were a little feminine, but that's just style, isn't it?  I had a rationalization for nearly everything.  He was different, but he was still my brother.   So what if he dressed a little funny.

I guess I should have said something, but I don't know - I was just so happy to have him back that I refused to see that he'd turned into a complete sissy.  I mean, that night, when he went to bed, he slept in our sister's old room.  And you should have seen what he wore.  I mean - a blue nighty?  Like I wouldn't notice something like that.

Nick in his PJs

I think the first time I realized that Nick had become Nikki was when I walked in on him getting ready to go out with his new friends - Aiden and Brandon, who apparently were something of a couple.  Look  - I don't have anything against gay guys.  Whatever they want to do, it's fine by me.  I just don't want it shoved in my face, you know?  That's not wrong, is it?

It doesn't matter what I want, though.  Neither Aiden nor Brandon really asked my opinion about it.  They weren't ashamed to show anybody and everybody exactly what they were - a couple of fags.  And  my big brother who had actually given Brandon hell the year before was hanging out with them.   Yeah.  I know.  Red flags all around, huh?  Still, I thought maybe Nick was trying to be the bigger man, you know?  Maybe he was trying to be more accepting about that sort of thing.  They're everywhere in California, right?  He'd have to have gotten used to being around them.

No matter how I tried to rationalize it, though, I couldn't ignore what I saw when I went into our sister's room (where he'd decided to stay).  There he was - his perfect, girlish ass in nothing but a tiny, leopard-print thong. 

It was strange, seeing him like that.  I mean, I knew he was my brother, but on the other hand, he certainly didn't look like it.  I felt a stirring in my pants, and quickly excused myself.  I'm not proud of it, but that night, after he left, I found myself thinking of him as I masturbated.  I couldn't help it.

Couldn't get this image out of my mind...

Look – I never made a habit of looking at my brother’s dick.  It’s just that, you know – growing up in the same house, you’re bound to see things.  And the way I remember it, Nick had a big, thick cock.  But then again, I also remember him being a strong, athletic, all-American guy.  Things change, I guess.

Never did I realize that more than when I saw him on the balcony, pulling up what I couldn’t call anything but panties.  I guess he was giving a little show to the neighbor boy or something.  I don’t know.  I saw everything.  The small, limp cock.  The tiny breasts.  The slim, hairless body. 

And all he did was smile like he knew exactly what I was thinking.  Like he knew that I’d thought about him while I jacked off the night before.  It was unnerving. 

He didn't even care how small he was.

I’m not going to say that I was glad when Nikki…Nick went back to college.  I mean, he’s my brother.  And we did have some fun times that summer.  I definitely crossed some boundaries I never thought I would.  But having him around is absolutely exhausting.  To say he’s high maintenance would be an understatement. 

So I guess I had mixed emotions when he left to go back to school.  At least I don’t have to keep up that whole “Krissy” business now.  It was my idea for him to pose as our sister’s friend kept people from asking questions about how much he’d changed, but man…he latched onto it, and wouldn’t let go. 

What was really cool of him, though, was getting me a bunch of those protein shakes he brought with him.  He said he had a hookup with his roommate where he got them for nothing.  Good thing too – because I got completely hooked on them while he was home.  Before Nick went back to school, he had his roommate send, like, a whole year’s supply to me.  Hope I get the chance to thank him someday.

Nikki on his way back to college

I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to my senior year.  I guess it didn’t really hit home that I was actually on the verge of graduation until I had my senior pictures taken.  I know I’m supposed to act like it’s no big deal, but…I mean…graduation!  It won’t be long before I’m off to college.

I ran into a few of my friends from the baseball team – including Owen. Man – that brought up some strange feelings.  Jordy says I’m overreacting to what amounted to some harmless experimentation, but I’m not so sure.  God – I wish she were here.  She’d know what to do.

Why did her dad have to get that job?  We could have totally been hooking up all summer.  She’s easily the hottest girl I’ve ever been with, even if she’s got some weird kinks.  At least she still texts me from time to time.  Maybe we can go to the same college next year. 

Whatever, though – she’s just a girl.  Like Nick used to say – there are plenty more where she came from!  Three weeks from the start of school…I’m so stoked!

My Senior Picture

I don’t know what everyone’s making a big fuss about.  It’s just a little lip gloss.  And some eyeliner.  I swear, it’s like nobody ever saw a guy wearing a little makeup before.  People are, like, totally freaking about it.  Well – some people, at least.  Like all the guys on the baseball team.

I tried to explain to them that it was just fashion, just like Jordy told me to say, but they just laughed and called me a fag.  I don’t know how serious they were.  They’re definitely joking, I’m sure. 

You know who was really nice, though?  Brandon.  Yeah, he’s gay, but he’s super popular.  And he’s friends with Nikki, so he must be pretty cool.  He actually said he liked my makeup – such a sweetie.  I mean…um…he’s a cool guy.  Yeah.

A couple of months into my senior year

It’s weird.  I know I’m different, and that I should be scared.  Or worried.  Or both.  But I have to really dwell on it to get there.  If it’s not in the front of my mind, I just sort of forget about all of it.   I know it’s hard to believe – it’s even harder to explain.  Like – I can tell that I’m, like, totally smaller now.  But it doesn’t matter.  I mean – who wants to be a muscle-head anyway, right?  Sure, some of them are kind of cute and all, but…well…it’s just not for me.

Letting my hair grow out was a great idea.  I’ve been getting SO many compliments about it.  All the other girls think it’s so cute.  I’ve been hanging out with the girls from the cheerleading squad a lot lately.  I don’t know why, but it just feels like we have so much more in common than I do with my other friends.  I mean, I know it’s all just good-natured ribbing, but it gets old, you know?  It’s like – I know I’m dressing differently.  You don’t have to remind me every single day.

The girls are different, though.  They actually LIKE that I’m a ton more stylish lately.  I mean, the other day we were all hanging out before the big football game, and they just started changing in front of me!  I was able to sort of brush it off like it was no big deal, though.  Like I see naked girls ALL THE TIME.  When I didn’t start changing too (gotta look my best for the game, right?), Kara (the head cheerleader) asked me what was wrong.  Thinking fast, I just sort of went with it.  And I undressed right then and there! 

They didn’t say anything, but I could see them looking at me out of the corners of their eyes.  Yeah – they were totally checking out my sexy body.  Chick magnet over here!

My new style...

I feel very different.  In a good way, though.  I mean, it's not like I'm a different person or anything.  I'm still me, you know?  But a better me.  Kind of like how Nikki became a better version of himself while he was away at school. 

I know I've lost a lot of weight over the past few months, but I think that's a good thing.  My friends can't seem to get enough of calling me a sissy.  One of them even called me a faggot.  As if, right?  I can't even...ugh.  They're so mean sometimes.

I bet it's because they're secretly gay or something.  That's what homophobia is all about, right?  They're so scared of what they feel that they lash out at someone else.  Yeah - that's it.  Still - I wish they'd just give it a rest.

But each time I look in the mirror (ESPECIALLY when I'm naked), I can't help but smile.  I look good, and no amount of teasing can change that.

Sexy, right?

“Son,” my dad said as he came into the kitchen, where I was enjoying a cup of coffee.  “We need to talk.”

“What about, Daddy?” I asked.  I knew it wasn’t my grades or anything.  For the first time in years, I was actually doing really well in school.  Chalk it up to me wanting to go to UCLA like my brother, I guess.  They don’t just let anyone in, after all.

“This is really hard to talk about, so I’m just going to come out and say it,” he said, his eyes shifting around.  “It’s this whole phase you’re going through lately.  I know you really look up to Nick, and you know that we accepted his decisions just like we will accept whatever you decide to do, whoever you decide to be.  We won’t love you any less, no matter what.  You know that don’t you?”

“Of course, Daddy,” I said without hesitation.  I didn’t understand what he was getting at.

“But it’s such a…a…big change in such a short amount of time,” he said.  “We’re worried, your  mother and me…and we thought that, um…if you wanted…if you’re comfortable with it, you might want to talk to someone about what you’re going through.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.  “What do you think I’m going through?”

“I-I don’t know,” he admitted.  “But it’s something, isn’t it?  I just thought you may want to talk to someone who can help you get through whatever it is.”

“Like a shrink?” I asked.  I grinned.  “Good joke, Daddy.  I don’t need therapy because I changed my style a little bit, silly.  I’m, like, fine.  Quit worrying.”

“But…whatever you say, Tay,” he said.  “Just let me know if you…change your mind.”

Does this look like a boy who needs therapy?

I didn’t want to go.  I really didn’t.  I had no interest in those jerks and their stupid jokes.  I mean, seriously – think of something new, right?  Whatever – Kara convinced me to go, though.  She’s like super into Dave, and he was going to be there.  But she didn’t want to go alone.  We’re, like, besties now, so I HAD to go. 

And for a while, it was okay.  I mean, I was having fun.  Sure, I had to deal with boys flirting with me (like that’s anything new), but other than that, it was pretty cool.  But then I got a little drunk, and…um…I guess I started losing control a little. 

I mean, I only remember bits and pieces, but what I do remember…ugh, it’s so embarrassing!  I mean, how did I end up naked?  One second, we’re all going swimming in the heated pool, and the next, I’m naked.  I mean – what happened? 

Thankfully, Kara found me before I did anything TOO bad.  Still, I think a couple of the guys got a few pictures…

Naughty boy in a NAUGHTY picture!

I don’t know what’s coming over me these days.  It’s not like I LIKE boys, you know?  But every time I talk to a cute guy, I just get all fluttery inside.  I mean – I want them to ask me out!  It’s totally crazy, right? 

Sometimes – and don’t tell anyone I said this – I actually choose my outfits based on what I think the boys at school like.  I don’t think any of them would, you know…ask me…but, I mean…it would be kind of cool.  I wouldn’t go – I’m not like that.  It would just be nice to be noticed, you know?

We got a new pool boy a few weeks ago.  His name’s Todd, and he doesn’t know me from before, so…I mean…sometimes when he’s here, I dress up in something kind of cute, and play in the garden.  I don’t really do anything, and I think he knows it.  But he looks.  Sometimes he stares.  And that’s kind of cool.  Not that I like him or anything.  But I like that he likes me, you know?

Do I look like I know anything about gardening?

Ohmigawd!  Todd is so cool!  He’s, like, totally sweet and he NEVER teases me!  And he doesn’t mind if I’m just, you know…me.  I guess I should backtrack a bit.

Well, it turns out Todd’s parents made him work as a pool boy for his dad’s business to “teach him the ropes” before he goes to college next year.  How cool is that?  We’re, like, the same age!  And he has some totally cool stuff at his house!  Like an awesome game room with a ton of old arcade games. 

I mean – listen to how cool he is.  We were hanging out, and we sort of just got into a dare contest.  At first, they were pretty normal stuff, but then, out of the blue, he dared me to get naked!  He WANTED to see me like that.  I get butterflies just thinking about it.  But I wasn’t sure if he…well…what about my…you know…thingy.  I don’t know if he thought I was a boy or a girl, but…I mean, what if he thought I was a girl? 

I’ve had some pretty bad reactions from people that had the wrong idea about me.  Like it’s my fault they can’t tell the difference between a stylish guy and a girl, right?  But I wanted Todd to like me so bad…

I almost left right then.  But something came over me, and I just went for it.  If we were going to be friends, he had to like me for me, right?  Well – I did it.  I stripped, and…he didn’t skip a beat.  He barely even looked at my thing.  How cool is that?! 

I wonder if Todd wants to show me his high score...

The guys, like, totally found a spot for me on the baseball field!  They got me my own uniform and everything.  And it’s super cute.  The way the little skirt flutters when the wind blows – I feel so naughty!  Especially when I’m wearing a thong (which is, like, ALWAYS!). 

I mean, sure – I don’t get to actually play.  I don’t blame them for that, though.  I’ve sort of lost interest in baseball over the past few months.  You know – it’s so boring.  And slow.  That’s why I kind of lost my swing.  I tried to hit a few balls the other day, and…well…let’s just say that I didn’t argue when all the other guys said I swung like a girl.  I guess I’m a little rusty.  So I guess it’s good that I’m just the bat boy now.

I’ve been feeling a little funny in the locker room, though.  I don’t know why, but I keep finding myself trying to catch a peek at some of the other guys in the shower.  I mean – I’m TOTALLY not gay or anything.  But I guess there’s no harm in looking, right?  

The guys kept asking me to lick their bats for good luck...eww.

“See – we could just put these two bows here, and you’re a perfect little present for Todd!” Kara said, holding a pair of bows up to my chest.  “I bet he’d totally give it to you then!”

I grinned.  ‘You are so BAD!” I said.

She shrugged.  “He’s totally cute.  So if you don’t want him, I’d definitely –“

“No!” I nearly shouted.  “I mean…w-whatever.  I don’t care.”

We were both naked (we’d gotten distracted while getting ready for practice), and, well…I mean, Kara’s pretty and all, but there was just something about her that didn’t do much for me.  It’s funny because I used to be really into her, but now…she’s my friend, you know?  I totally don’t think of her like that.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  Practice.  I bet you were wondering what I mean, right?  Well, Kara convinced me to fill in on the cheerleading squad.  One of the other girls went down with an injury, so they had an open spot.  It’s super fun, but I wish I would have gotten into it a little earlier, you know?   Like during football season.  Now, it’s just basketball games.  Still though – it will look good on my college applications, I guess.

I wonder if Todd would want to unwrap his "present."

Blondes do have more fun.  I’ve toyed around with my hair color a little over the past year, but I never really settled until now.  I guess it being spring break, I thought blonde just seemed appropriate. 

Some of the other cheerleaders and I got a condo down at the beach for the whole week, and we’ve been having a blast.  I even sort of hooked up with this super awesome guy named Trevor.  I know that sounds kind of gay, but it’s not like either of us was some sort of fag.  We were just two studs fooling around.  Experimentation, they call it.

Besides, we just kissed.  And I sort of gave him a blowjob.  Three times.  It’s not like we even had sex.  I’m NOT a slut. 

I wonder if anyone would care if I went topless.

The guys were teasing me today about being a cocksucker.  Ugh.  That’s NOT what I am.  I only did it a few times, and I only sort of liked it.  I mean, yeah – I’d do it again, but only if it was the right guy.  Or if he treated me really nice.  Or if he was really hot.  Or…well, I wouldn’t just do it for anyone is what I’m saying.

But it’s all in good fun, I guess.  It was just friendly teasing between guys, like when they call me a sissy.  Or how a few of the guys call me a hot, little piece of ass.  Like any of that’s true!  The worst is how they all insist on slapping my ass – ugh.  Grow up!

They’re my friends, though.  I guess that’s just the sort of thing I’ve got to deal with if I want to hang out with the other cool guys. 

Oh – that reminds me.  I’m super excited about going to this party tonight!  I got these awesome jeans that really make my ass look fantastic.  And I’m going kind of butch with a little white tank top that shows off my new tattoo!  I think everyone’s going to be really impressed!

My "butch" look...

I’m, like, totally super excited about graduation!  Not only am I finally finished with high school, but I also got into UCLA, so I’m going to be going to school with my brother, Nikki!  I know – how awesome is that?

Kara let me borrow this really cute dress to wear to graduation.  Daddy seems to have gotten used to me being a stylish dresser now, and he doesn’t even say anything when I want to wear a dress or skirt.  It’s so cute how behind the times he is.  Like anyone could look at me and see anything but a super stud, right?

Oh – the baseball team totally won the state championship!  And I think I was a big reason for it.  Or at least I contributed.  I gave a super inspiring speech before they went up to the state tournament, and I think that’s why they won. 

I mean, sure – I had to promise each one a blowjob, but that’s just because they deserved it.  It was actually kind of cool, knowing that I was sucking the dicks of STATE CHAMPIONS.  Right?  Don’t tell anyone though – we don’t want the secret to get out!

I wonder if anyone will think my pink sunglasses are too girly.

Nikki’s home!  It’s been, like, forever since I saw my big bro, and I have to admit that I was super excited to see him.  Yeah – at first, he was a little surprised at how good I looked.  I mean, he couldn’t have expected his baby bro to be as stylish as I am, right? 

One thing I was a little upset about was that he didn’t want me to go to UCLA.  I don’t know why, but he was actually trying to convince me not to go to my dream school.  As if, right?  If he thinks I’m going to cramp his style, then he should just say so. 

I guess he realized that he was fighting a losing battle on that front, though, because he quit talking about it.  Once he settled in, we sort of got back to normal.  And I have to say – he’s just as cool as I remember.  I can totally see why I used to look up to him so much.  He’s, like, everything I want to be.

I don’t even know how it happened, but a few days after he got home, somehow we both ended up naked by the pool.  I mean – there were a few of the guys from the baseball team there (ever since they won state, they, like, LOVED hanging out at my house), and they were egging us on to…um…kiss.  So we did, and they went wild! 

This summer is going to be just awesome!

Two studs doing studly things!

“NO!” I said, surprised that Nikki would ask me such a personal question.  We were close, yeah – but not that close.

“Really?” he asked.  “Not even once?”

“Of course not!” I reiterated.  “That’s just…gross.  Sticking stuff in my…um…booty – yuck!”

I wish I meant it.  The reality of it was that I HAD thought of it…a lot.  I’d even gone online a few times to look at dildos and vibrators, but I’d never had the courage to pull the trigger. It’s just that all the girls on the cheerleading squad talked about stuff like that, and they all made it seem so awesome.  What harm would it be to try it out? 

But I wasn’t prepared to tell my brother about my naughtiest of thoughts. 

“It feels really, really good, though,” Nikki said.  “Like better than anything.  You’ll see when you get to UCLA.  Everyone’s doing it.”

Well...if everyone's doing it...

I did it.  I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t stop myself.  Once Nikki made a big deal out of…you know…doing stuff with my…um…booty…well, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I tried it. 

I guess I was scared to do it by myself, you know?  Like it would have been somehow worse if I only had myself to blame.  So I asked Laura, one of my best friends, to help out.  I knew she was open to that sort of thing (she’d even slept with a few girls, so I knew she was super kinky), and I’d seen her eyeing me. 

It’s funny because I thought I’d have to convince her.  But she agreed almost immediately.  That look in her eyes – like this sort of hunger – it actually scared me a little.  What scared me more, though, was when the time came, and I saw that big, pink dildo strapped onto her hips, it all got so real.  I was really going to do it. 

I don’t know if it was instinct or what, but it wasn’t long before I found myself on top of her, that thing buried deep inside me as I screamed in pleasure.  It was unlike anything I’d ever felt before – like it was what I’d been waiting for all my life. 

I’m not sure how long it lasted, but by the time it was over, I knew beyond any doubt that I wanted more.  So, so much more.

Chicks dig a guy who isn't afraid to take charge...

UCLA…it was so far from home that I barely knew what to expect.  There’s just something about going somewhere new that’s so frightening.  Everything’s different – the people, the places, the smells and sounds.  And what’s more, I was starting a new chapter in my life.  Thank goodness for Nikki – at least with him, I had something familiar to cling to.

When we first got on campus, Nikki couldn’t wait to introduce me to some of his friends.  They were all super cool – and so fashionable!  I could see why Nikki hung out with them.  It wasn’t long before we were all exchanging fashion tips.

And then I met Chris, Nikki’s roommate.  I mean…what can I say about Chris?  Well – if I thought Todd had been dreamy (when I left, I was a little bummed about leaving him behind), then I barely had words to describe Chris.  He made Todd look like the school nerd.  His very presence was intoxicating. 

So when he told me to take my clothes off, I just mindlessly obeyed.  I couldn’t help it.  If a guy like that wanted to see what I looked like under my clothes, then so be it, right?  The same reasoning applied when he told me to get on all fours on the bed. 

And then he fucked me.  Before that, I’d only ever had sex with girls.  Sure, a few of them had strap-ons, but this…this was so different.  It was more real, more visceral, feeling him pumping in and out of me.  Everything else paled in comparison, and I felt like this was my life’s ambition.  I wanted to please him.  I wanted to give him everything.

That was a month ago.  Since then, he fucks me at least once a day.  I barely go to class – it just doesn’t seem all that important now.  Sometimes, he only wants me.  Other times, he only wants Nikki.  But more often than not, he wants us both. 

I see the jealousy in Nikki’s eyes.  He wants Chris all to himself, I think.  I’m convinced that’s why he didn’t want me to come to UCLA.  The stingy bitch. 

Oh – I almost forgot.  Daddy’s birthday is coming up, and Chris gave us a new iPod to give him.  He even loaded it with all of Daddy’s favorite music.  How awesome is that?

I was made for this!