Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Feminization Caption - Creative Problem Solving


  1. And I'll bet that with such a lovely, attentive and, uniquely capable surrogate wife, by the time Nina reaches Mars, Adam will be ready to visit :the Venus Clinic" and become the perfect co-wife for his former bro-in-law!

    I must say, Nikki, that, while I too love to do 'split-image/twin/copy' manips; This is an incredible example of either a very good F2TS manip, or the most impressive advance in natural feminization techniques I've ever seen!!! Awesome work in either case!!!


    1. Thanks. Like everything on this site, it's a modified photograph (in a couple of different ways). First, there's the obvious - adding the genitalia. However, to get the twin effect, I used a clothed/unclothed split and merged the two backgrounds. I think it turned out pretty seamless. I have a few more "twin" concepts I'll be working on in the near future.